Thursday, 25 May 2017

Uni Update, Round 11- Halfway point

Welcome to Round 11 at Uni. This is another 'from my notes last year' round so bear with me!

 Residing here are Kaydon and Celeste Lothario, Harley and Charlie Oldie-Hanby, Graham Gregory and Edward and Maria Caliente.
Maria is a Family Sim with an LTW to become Captain Hero- she's working on her logic. 
Her parents are Vito Caliente (son of Dina) and Monica (Bratford). 
Graham Gregory, (son of Alvin (who was adopted by Maid Lucy Hanby) and his college sweetheart Melanie) seems to have been in Uni forever. He's a Pleasure Sim with a LTW to become a Game Designer.
I think he's engaged to a professor. :D
He enjoys a good bit of heckling. As the lot was bugged from last time I moved them so no robot sentry to scare away the cow mascot.
Maria made it into the Secret Society.
As did Celeste. (Celeste's parents are Don Lothario and Kaylynn, ex maid).
It's my own personal goal when a Sim enters the Secret Society that they can't leave until they have befriended all the sims on the lot and reached Big Sim on Campus. As there are usually 8 sims on the lot, it's not difficult with smart glasses. :)
Also a bit of influence is useful to clean the place up and have the others do an odd assignment or two.
 Back in the dorm and all the sims are sociable.
The only drama this week was when a tree set on fire as Kaydon was sweeping the leaves. No casualties. Darn. :D

The only other exciting event was Graham's graduation. Finally!  
As I said this was taken from old photos and bare notes, hence the unexciting things that happened. :)
Hopefully next round, which I am currently playing, will be better!
Thanks for stopping by fellow Simmers. :)