Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Burb- Round 1 -House 8

Here's Jennifer Burb, she has a LTW to earn 100K. She wants any job and fast! So I chose Intelligence for her. She heads straight to work.

Her husband John is a Family sim and wants to become an Education Minister, he is in luck the first day with the Humble computer. After seeing Lucy to school he goes off for the rest of the shift.

I picked a premade house in Pleasantview for them, which I altered a little before they moved in. It's almost bare. They could just afford beds and a pizza for dinner.

John wants to extend his family and so after just one night Jennifer finds herself with child. She doesn't seem bothered although she threw up, a lot.

Thank goodness Sims can walk to work now regardless of whether they are supposed to be on Maternity leave! Jennifer is only happy going to work and earning money and getting those promotions.

Lucy was easy to play, she wanted to learn body skills and do her homework as well as chatting and playing. She brought Carter Broke home one day.

The Burbs welcomed a little boy into the family. He's called Lucas. John immediately threw up wishes to play and cuddle with him.

While Jennifer is making another friend for a promotion John is busy teaching the toddler Lucas his skills.

Lucy grew up and rolled Popularity. Her LTW is to own 5 Top Businesses! EEks! I never add a Bluewater unless I want to exclusively play the residents and I rarely play Businesses 'cos they aren't much fun to me.
But, I'll think of something for Lucy.

The first week went by very quickly for The Burbs. They managed to afford a kitchen! 


John is a High School Teacher at the end of the first week. His wishes are quite varied which is nice.

Jennifer is a Rookie Field Agent, she just got her career reward. They have 10 friends currently.

Lucy was a bit harder to keep happy on her first day of teenhood, but then, aren't all teens hard to keep happy? eh?!

Lucas got his toddler skills and is a happy bunny.

Oldie- Round 1- House 7

Coral and Herb are entertaining the welcome wagon to their little trailer. Newlyweds Cassandra and Nicholas Goth and newly pregnant Darren Dreamer.

Oh dear, looks like burning food runs in the family eh?

                               Never mind dear, pizza anyone?

Herb and Coral have impossible LTW's, he to Woohoo 20 sims (well not impossible but not likely!) and her to graduate 3 kids from college.  Like the Monty family in Veronaville, they show their ages not as from 54 days old like most Elders, but reading as 3 days old (Herb) and 1 day old (Coral). 

I'm pretty sure that means they won't live long. :D

Herb had a want to buy a garden plot and so off he goes into the gardening hobby.

                          He soon got invited into the Nature club.

Elders of course can only get Teen/Elder jobs and so it didn't take Coral long
to reach the top of the law career.

She treated them both to new outfits, but still can't cook to save her life.

Herb treated them to a Lobster dinner. Well he was starving, :)

Of course Herb had an ulterior motive, he enjoyed his date night, but it didn't turn out so painless for Coral. Ouch!

With no idea how long they have left I decided to throw them an anniversary party (Herb wanted a party- Coral wanted to talk to her grandaughters). I spent the entire party pulling Angela off Lilith- she's meaner than Lilith I swear!

                                 Here's one for the bedtable. :)

      Got to make the most of these moments before it's too late.


Coral, Moving in day she wanted the usual fridge, toilet etc.  I'd revamped the trailer next to the Broke's, but didn't put any furniture in it.
Coral also wished to skill, cooking and cleaning mostly but also Logic. She wanted friends and best friends. She's best friends with all the Pleasant's.

Herb, Didn't really show any Romance wants apart from initially buying a double bed. He wanted to meet new people and was happy on dates and in his garden.

At the end of the week Herb had got his silver badge in gardening and had made best friends with all the Pleasant family.

Pleasant- Round 1- House 6

Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant.  After the neighbourhood story got broken they seem perfectly at ease with each other. I have to do what they want right? So they want to flirt, chat, kiss etc, and with each other too!

Mary-Sue wants to become a Business Tycoon and Daniel a Professional Party Guest. He's in luck today but she isn't.  She's content to work on skills for her promotion anyway.

Twins Lilith and Angela are both Popularity sims, but how different they are! They are getting to know their Grandparents who just moved into the trailer park.
The twins put their hostilities aside, that is to say they dropped their enemy status at least.

Angela's wishes revolve around skilling, serving food and making friends. In short, Family type wishes. She's a terrible cook though. Bless.  LTW to be Captain Hero.

Lilith on the other hand wanted to get fit, make friends, meet new people and generally party. A true Popularity Sim!  Her LTW to become a Media Magnate.

The beauty of the Slacker track is that it's easy. Although this version of Daniel is new to me, I've never known a Romance Sim want to skill so much!

I even caught him autonomously cleaning the bathtub!  It's just plain weird!

The Pleasant females got makeovers. Daniel is ok. lol. They try to get along and all seem to like to talk about travelling, even though they don't throw up wishes to go travelling.

                               Burnt dinner again then Angela?

Another great party for Lilith though, and she's meeting the neighbours.

Once again Officer Dorian comes to break up the party. He's such a spoilsport!


Mary-Sue didn't find Business at all this week. She never threw up any major wants either so I had her and Daniel have a couple of dates. Other than that she was happy to skill and make friends for her job.

Daniel- wanted to skill so much it was just weird. He was happy on dates though.

Angela- Talk about a Family Sim in Popularity Sim's clothing! She always wanted to learn cooking and cleaning, even though she's not neat and can't cook, lol.

Lilith- A party animal, happy when she's dancing, meeting someone new or partying.

A very enjoyable week, all 4 sims were in Platinum when I left.

Dreamer- Round 1 - House 5

Father, and here son, are probably one of the easier families to play. Father Darren's LTW was to be a Game Designer- his job was available the first day. Dirk here wants to be the Hand of Poseidon, but settled for any job, and the first up was in the Military.

The second big boost in aspiration came when Dirk made out with Lilith. Like Wen, I'm yet to decide who will end up with whom, and infact might let them figure it out themselves.

Another big boost for Dirk (and Darren) when he got accepted into private school. Darren had the day off and so earned some cooking skills, as was his wish.

Darren wishes to stargaze a lot, and maybe now he'll realise it's not great to do it during a downpour. Typically he never rolled the want to be struck by lightning until after the event!

Dirk is doing his dad proud and soon became an overachiever.

As a special treat his dad picked up this old banger from the scrapyard. It'll come in handy for Dirk's mechanical skills and tinkering hobby that he's drawn to.

A burglar woke them in the night and Dirk was so concerned about his old banger he rushed outside. It was safe though. While Dirk was outside the burglar ran upstairs and stole a painting.

Darren was more concerned about his newly acquired chessboard, but that too was safe.

Much 'safer' too than using the telescope most of the time, as he may find out!

Dirk gets a double hit of maxing fun and earning money from his dad's career reward.

Dirk likes keeping up with his friends and earning scholarships, he was with Lilith at the Mall when she persuaded him to get his ear pierced. "Don't tell my dad though" he said.

             To be honest Dirk, I think your Dad has his own problems!


Darren basically wanted to skill, stargaze and tend the garden. His hobby is gardening and someday soon he'll be able to afford some plots when he stops spending all his money on expensive telescopes and stuff for Dirk.

Dirk meanwhile is quite a typical Fortune sim, he wanted to earn cash, buy stuff, win scholarships and go to work. He will attend college.

Broke- Round 1 - House 4

Upon entering the Broke household and finding Brandi's LTW to be 'to raise 20 puppies or kittens I decided that 1), I would go for it but 2), the house had to change to do so. It's poorly designed with the entrance area and a foundation is a nightmare with pets.

So... I dismantled Brandi's house, got rid of the swimming pool and rebuilt it almost the same, but front facing. It's the same length as her trailer but one tile wider.

Brandi spent the day mostly with little Beau, managing to teach him to walk and potty. Her own wants centralised around Beau, which was easy.

Dustin is a distressed young man eh? I've never seen one of my sims kick their own trash can over before. lol.  His LTW is to be a Prestidigitator, he wants to get into private school and earn some money as well as kiss Angela and sneak out!

Dustin didn't so much sneak out as run out!  He actually didn't get brought home by the cops, amazing.

Brandi's third pregnancy starts to show and she adopted a little puppy called Maxx. He had a good personality, (and I've adopted him before and he turns into my favourite breed of dog).

The Headmaster is here but after the tour he watches little Beau grow up before they settle down to dinner. Brandi is dead on her feet and heads to bed.

It's a good enough visit to get both Dustin and Beau into private school.

Brandi didn't have the funds to raise all room environments for the head's tour, so I just moved this picture from room to room before showing it off to him.

Soon enough Brandi's 3rd son makes his way into the world, he's called Carter.

Beau brought Martha home with him. Martha? Marsha? eek. (2nd round- write down the little details!).
Dustin has typical Fortune wants to earn money, so he moonlights after school and his job at the local nightclub.  He's a big hit with the neighbourhood residents.

                                He's quite worn out poor boy.

Brandi got herself into the Law Enforcement career, it was a wish to get a job and that was the first in the newspaper. She's happy enough now to have smart milk for Carter and easily taught him his toddler skills.

Maxx grew up! He just needs to find a mate!  The stray female Tiffany came around one time but only Beau was around to talk and play with her and she left before Brandi got home. I'm hoping she'll come back soon and maybe we can adopt her. (It seems all the other dogs in the adoption centre are elders- what's that about?!).

(Please Wen don't tell me we have to wish fulfill for pets too, or I may hang myself by Maxx's pretend dog collar!).

Carter grew up, he earned lots of creativity as a toddler!

and the hard work finally paid off for Dustin, he got an A+!


Brandi- Brandi's wants were to play, talk, skill, teach Beau and Carter some skills, make friends and her two big ones were to have a baby and adopt a pet.  Quite typical family wants. No husband in the pipeline.

Dustin- I've often played the Broke's and Dustin quite often goes astray (heh). It's been nice to get him on the straight and narrow according to his wishes. Earn money and go to college being the main ones. Dustin will attend.

Beau- Beau seems like the typical Knowledge sim, infact I think I've always made him Knowledge. We'll see what he rolls though and how it affects his wants which mostly involved skilling and being swung around!

Carter- Usual toddler wants, easy to keep happy.