Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Broke- Round 1 - House 4

Upon entering the Broke household and finding Brandi's LTW to be 'to raise 20 puppies or kittens I decided that 1), I would go for it but 2), the house had to change to do so. It's poorly designed with the entrance area and a foundation is a nightmare with pets.

So... I dismantled Brandi's house, got rid of the swimming pool and rebuilt it almost the same, but front facing. It's the same length as her trailer but one tile wider.

Brandi spent the day mostly with little Beau, managing to teach him to walk and potty. Her own wants centralised around Beau, which was easy.

Dustin is a distressed young man eh? I've never seen one of my sims kick their own trash can over before. lol.  His LTW is to be a Prestidigitator, he wants to get into private school and earn some money as well as kiss Angela and sneak out!

Dustin didn't so much sneak out as run out!  He actually didn't get brought home by the cops, amazing.

Brandi's third pregnancy starts to show and she adopted a little puppy called Maxx. He had a good personality, (and I've adopted him before and he turns into my favourite breed of dog).

The Headmaster is here but after the tour he watches little Beau grow up before they settle down to dinner. Brandi is dead on her feet and heads to bed.

It's a good enough visit to get both Dustin and Beau into private school.

Brandi didn't have the funds to raise all room environments for the head's tour, so I just moved this picture from room to room before showing it off to him.

Soon enough Brandi's 3rd son makes his way into the world, he's called Carter.

Beau brought Martha home with him. Martha? Marsha? eek. (2nd round- write down the little details!).
Dustin has typical Fortune wants to earn money, so he moonlights after school and his job at the local nightclub.  He's a big hit with the neighbourhood residents.

                                He's quite worn out poor boy.

Brandi got herself into the Law Enforcement career, it was a wish to get a job and that was the first in the newspaper. She's happy enough now to have smart milk for Carter and easily taught him his toddler skills.

Maxx grew up! He just needs to find a mate!  The stray female Tiffany came around one time but only Beau was around to talk and play with her and she left before Brandi got home. I'm hoping she'll come back soon and maybe we can adopt her. (It seems all the other dogs in the adoption centre are elders- what's that about?!).

(Please Wen don't tell me we have to wish fulfill for pets too, or I may hang myself by Maxx's pretend dog collar!).

Carter grew up, he earned lots of creativity as a toddler!

and the hard work finally paid off for Dustin, he got an A+!


Brandi- Brandi's wants were to play, talk, skill, teach Beau and Carter some skills, make friends and her two big ones were to have a baby and adopt a pet.  Quite typical family wants. No husband in the pipeline.

Dustin- I've often played the Broke's and Dustin quite often goes astray (heh). It's been nice to get him on the straight and narrow according to his wishes. Earn money and go to college being the main ones. Dustin will attend.

Beau- Beau seems like the typical Knowledge sim, infact I think I've always made him Knowledge. We'll see what he rolls though and how it affects his wants which mostly involved skilling and being swung around!

Carter- Usual toddler wants, easy to keep happy.


  1. Ya mean Brandi didn't roll the wish to fall in love?? hehehe! Yes, that darn Dustin always rolls a wishes to get into private school.

  2. You did well on the Broke house. It's pretty challenging to make them happy and get Dustin into private school.

  3. If you don't know who Marsha Bruenig is, then you have led a charmed life! She's the most annoying child in all of Sim-dom.

    1. Oh Veil, she is the bane of Pleasantview isn't she? I think I grew her up one time. I just forgot her name in the moment there... must be getting old, :D

  4. I always forget to write down names too. LOL....I loved how you just moved the painting around the house, that just seems like something Dustin would do. lol