Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Burb- Round 1 -House 8

Here's Jennifer Burb, she has a LTW to earn 100K. She wants any job and fast! So I chose Intelligence for her. She heads straight to work.

Her husband John is a Family sim and wants to become an Education Minister, he is in luck the first day with the Humble computer. After seeing Lucy to school he goes off for the rest of the shift.

I picked a premade house in Pleasantview for them, which I altered a little before they moved in. It's almost bare. They could just afford beds and a pizza for dinner.

John wants to extend his family and so after just one night Jennifer finds herself with child. She doesn't seem bothered although she threw up, a lot.

Thank goodness Sims can walk to work now regardless of whether they are supposed to be on Maternity leave! Jennifer is only happy going to work and earning money and getting those promotions.

Lucy was easy to play, she wanted to learn body skills and do her homework as well as chatting and playing. She brought Carter Broke home one day.

The Burbs welcomed a little boy into the family. He's called Lucas. John immediately threw up wishes to play and cuddle with him.

While Jennifer is making another friend for a promotion John is busy teaching the toddler Lucas his skills.

Lucy grew up and rolled Popularity. Her LTW is to own 5 Top Businesses! EEks! I never add a Bluewater unless I want to exclusively play the residents and I rarely play Businesses 'cos they aren't much fun to me.
But, I'll think of something for Lucy.

The first week went by very quickly for The Burbs. They managed to afford a kitchen! 


John is a High School Teacher at the end of the first week. His wishes are quite varied which is nice.

Jennifer is a Rookie Field Agent, she just got her career reward. They have 10 friends currently.

Lucy was a bit harder to keep happy on her first day of teenhood, but then, aren't all teens hard to keep happy? eh?!

Lucas got his toddler skills and is a happy bunny.


  1. I always find Lucy hard too. Teacher fits John...and yah....Jennifer doesn't surprise me. Money money money!!!!

  2. I enjoyed this round! I'll probably have to try this challenge sometime. I micro-manage too much, it'd be a nice change of pace.

  3. Pleeeeez tell me what you downloaded to get the nice maternity wear!

    The 5 Top-Level Business LTW is a blast. (And it's no more micro-managing than Toddlermania is.)

    1. Veil, that wasn't any download, I think Jennifer must've been skilling before work with a thinking cap (they often wear those Maxis nighties when pregnant and wearing the cap) and she took it off for work but didn't get changed.

  4. Wow pregnant and had a baby already...:) Seems like they are doing well so far.