Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Dreamer- Round 1 - House 5

Father, and here son, are probably one of the easier families to play. Father Darren's LTW was to be a Game Designer- his job was available the first day. Dirk here wants to be the Hand of Poseidon, but settled for any job, and the first up was in the Military.

The second big boost in aspiration came when Dirk made out with Lilith. Like Wen, I'm yet to decide who will end up with whom, and infact might let them figure it out themselves.

Another big boost for Dirk (and Darren) when he got accepted into private school. Darren had the day off and so earned some cooking skills, as was his wish.

Darren wishes to stargaze a lot, and maybe now he'll realise it's not great to do it during a downpour. Typically he never rolled the want to be struck by lightning until after the event!

Dirk is doing his dad proud and soon became an overachiever.

As a special treat his dad picked up this old banger from the scrapyard. It'll come in handy for Dirk's mechanical skills and tinkering hobby that he's drawn to.

A burglar woke them in the night and Dirk was so concerned about his old banger he rushed outside. It was safe though. While Dirk was outside the burglar ran upstairs and stole a painting.

Darren was more concerned about his newly acquired chessboard, but that too was safe.

Much 'safer' too than using the telescope most of the time, as he may find out!

Dirk gets a double hit of maxing fun and earning money from his dad's career reward.

Dirk likes keeping up with his friends and earning scholarships, he was with Lilith at the Mall when she persuaded him to get his ear pierced. "Don't tell my dad though" he said.

             To be honest Dirk, I think your Dad has his own problems!


Darren basically wanted to skill, stargaze and tend the garden. His hobby is gardening and someday soon he'll be able to afford some plots when he stops spending all his money on expensive telescopes and stuff for Dirk.

Dirk meanwhile is quite a typical Fortune sim, he wanted to earn cash, buy stuff, win scholarships and go to work. He will attend college.


  1. Hahaha on you Darren!~ Looky at you! hehehe! That is funny!

  2. Ah! How did you get Darren abducted?!? I've been trying with pretty much every family in my Pleasantview hood (for five rounds) and it hasn't happened yet!

    1. Just luck (or unluck) Chels. I often find when I don't try they get whipped into space. lol.

  3. A burglar and an alien abduction! That was an exciting house! :)

  4. Awww. Darren has been known to make the cutest alien babies. What I can't believe is that you got a burglar. I never get them anymore for some reason. Maybe because my sims never sleep?

  5. Wow...exciting house this round. I had to laugh that Dirk ran out while the burglar ran upstairs. LOL....and Darren gets abducted! So awesome.

  6. It's so much fun to watch the pregnant males waddle.