Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Goth- Round 1 - House 2

So here we are at the Goth mansion, and oh no! It looks like Mortimer Goth did tell on Don after all, that ol' snitch.

Cassandra decided that revenge is a dish best served right in the moment, and whilst the Don-refusing-to-marry-Cassandra is the funniest cut-scene in the Sims 2, I decided on a quicker route.

So Cassandra invited Darren around, flirted with him and so the picture speaks for itself.

Cassandra decided to seize the moment and called off her and Don's engagement. (She actually had a want to break-up). It was hilarious how devastated he was, really, seeing as we've just read the antics at his house.

Cassandra is unsure of her feelings toward Darren though and her Dad is harping on about them going to Takemizu with Alexander.

The secret to becoming a Ninja you ask?

Well you have to look like a Ninja of course!

Actually both Mortimer and Cassandra got to be Ninja's, that'll be useful in their huge mansion.
Alexander was easy to please as he just wanted to play, skill, be played with etc.
Mortimer wanted to learn skills, but on holiday just went with the holiday stuff- learn local greeting, drink tea, etc.  His LTW is to max skills. I don't think he'll live long enough.

This want of Mortimer's wouldn't go away so I went for it. Meet Hannibal.
Birds are a bit annoying when you open their cages as they cause routing issues. But good to learn Charisma from.

Cassandra's LTW is to become Captain Hero.  She's here in the Law Enforcement field celebrating another day's work. (Who does that?!).  Cassandra has a wish to have a baby, which I locked in on the first day. She just needs a partner but decided early on that it's not Darren.

Meantime she wanted to buy a Florist bench and with unlimited funds we got cracking.
Mortimer is happy to skill and see ghosts, which has kept him happy.

Alexander grew up and I rolled a dice for him (as I will with all teens) and he got Fortune.  He's usually a Popularity sim when I play him so this will be a change. His LTW is to become The Law. He also wanted a makeover station- Mortimer is happy with his purple hair- who knew?

Well you can't hit the mark every time Cassandra! 

It took Alexander 4 more attempts to get Cassandra back to normal. :)

Mortimer had a bit of a mishap when he tried to flambe himself instead of the Baked Alaska. Luckily they have a fire alarm and he was saved.  He wanted to max a skill straight after this hit and so I set him to work.

This guy is Nicholas, Cassandra met and instantly liked him at Takemizu and flirted with him there, a lot. They have a very good chemistry and so Cassandra invited him to stay.  He gets his makeover from Alexander.

Cassandra decided to move in for the kill, and before she could say 'Don who?', Nicholas became the next Goth.

Aww, I felt certain Mortimer was happy enough to make it into the second week but it was not to be. He died at 65 days old and left inheritance to 6 people.

Mortimer was happy to please because he wanted to skill.

Alexander as a child was easy too, and as a Fortune sim he had mixed wants, earn money, earn skills, earn scholarships. He wants to go to college.

Cassandra wants to blog, a lot. Also wants to sell a masterpiece (?) and is wanting to gain skills, and she hasn't got a secondary aspiration- yet.

Nicholas as a Family sim has a LTW to marry off 6 kids. Haha. I've only done that once and am not inclined to do it in this house with so many ghosts. Maybe if I exorcise them? He isn't working at present and is working on skills.
He and Cassandra are content to kiss, play, entertain, appreciate, etc in true Family (sim) style.

I think the original Goth's are almost pre-programmed to be Knowledge sims, they all want to skill. weird, but easy.


  1. Yes, I think you are right about everyone always wanting to skill in the Goth house!!!

  2. I'm glad Cassandra has Nicholas. I hope he will be a good husband.

  3. Wow....not Darren for Cassie in this version...very interesting. I like Nicholas though, he seems a good match. I love Mortimer with purple hair!