Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Oldie- Round 1- House 7

Coral and Herb are entertaining the welcome wagon to their little trailer. Newlyweds Cassandra and Nicholas Goth and newly pregnant Darren Dreamer.

Oh dear, looks like burning food runs in the family eh?

                               Never mind dear, pizza anyone?

Herb and Coral have impossible LTW's, he to Woohoo 20 sims (well not impossible but not likely!) and her to graduate 3 kids from college.  Like the Monty family in Veronaville, they show their ages not as from 54 days old like most Elders, but reading as 3 days old (Herb) and 1 day old (Coral). 

I'm pretty sure that means they won't live long. :D

Herb had a want to buy a garden plot and so off he goes into the gardening hobby.

                          He soon got invited into the Nature club.

Elders of course can only get Teen/Elder jobs and so it didn't take Coral long
to reach the top of the law career.

She treated them both to new outfits, but still can't cook to save her life.

Herb treated them to a Lobster dinner. Well he was starving, :)

Of course Herb had an ulterior motive, he enjoyed his date night, but it didn't turn out so painless for Coral. Ouch!

With no idea how long they have left I decided to throw them an anniversary party (Herb wanted a party- Coral wanted to talk to her grandaughters). I spent the entire party pulling Angela off Lilith- she's meaner than Lilith I swear!

                                 Here's one for the bedtable. :)

      Got to make the most of these moments before it's too late.


Coral, Moving in day she wanted the usual fridge, toilet etc.  I'd revamped the trailer next to the Broke's, but didn't put any furniture in it.
Coral also wished to skill, cooking and cleaning mostly but also Logic. She wanted friends and best friends. She's best friends with all the Pleasant's.

Herb, Didn't really show any Romance wants apart from initially buying a double bed. He wanted to meet new people and was happy on dates and in his garden.

At the end of the week Herb had got his silver badge in gardening and had made best friends with all the Pleasant family.


  1. Ha I don't think I would go for that child want for Coral either. Would have been hard to support all those kids with adoptions. This was a nice entry for them. :)

  2. Loved the elders' portrait!

  3. I'm glad Herb and Coral seem quite happy together. I love their photo. :)

  4. Love the little photo, so sweet. Don't blame you for not going for the LTW.