Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Pleasant- Round 1- House 6

Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant.  After the neighbourhood story got broken they seem perfectly at ease with each other. I have to do what they want right? So they want to flirt, chat, kiss etc, and with each other too!

Mary-Sue wants to become a Business Tycoon and Daniel a Professional Party Guest. He's in luck today but she isn't.  She's content to work on skills for her promotion anyway.

Twins Lilith and Angela are both Popularity sims, but how different they are! They are getting to know their Grandparents who just moved into the trailer park.
The twins put their hostilities aside, that is to say they dropped their enemy status at least.

Angela's wishes revolve around skilling, serving food and making friends. In short, Family type wishes. She's a terrible cook though. Bless.  LTW to be Captain Hero.

Lilith on the other hand wanted to get fit, make friends, meet new people and generally party. A true Popularity Sim!  Her LTW to become a Media Magnate.

The beauty of the Slacker track is that it's easy. Although this version of Daniel is new to me, I've never known a Romance Sim want to skill so much!

I even caught him autonomously cleaning the bathtub!  It's just plain weird!

The Pleasant females got makeovers. Daniel is ok. lol. They try to get along and all seem to like to talk about travelling, even though they don't throw up wishes to go travelling.

                               Burnt dinner again then Angela?

Another great party for Lilith though, and she's meeting the neighbours.

Once again Officer Dorian comes to break up the party. He's such a spoilsport!


Mary-Sue didn't find Business at all this week. She never threw up any major wants either so I had her and Daniel have a couple of dates. Other than that she was happy to skill and make friends for her job.

Daniel- wanted to skill so much it was just weird. He was happy on dates though.

Angela- Talk about a Family Sim in Popularity Sim's clothing! She always wanted to learn cooking and cleaning, even though she's not neat and can't cook, lol.

Lilith- A party animal, happy when she's dancing, meeting someone new or partying.

A very enjoyable week, all 4 sims were in Platinum when I left.


  1. I am finding that letting the Sims do what the want makes them happier Sims...and they may not act the way we are used to them acting. (at you Daniel!)

  2. Nice update! It's interesting to see what they choose to do when you play them this way. The Pleasant family was so much more pleasant than expected. :)

  3. Wow...that was rather...Pleasant. I LOVE the looks you gave the twins, they are super cute. So interesting what happens when you follow wishes instead of what YOU want for them. :)