Monday, 12 March 2012

Broke- Round 2- House 4

While Dustin was off at La Fiesta Tech and Brandi was working in the Law Enforcement career, Beau became a teen. He rolled Fortune. (yawn). I usually make him Knowledge when I play him, and sure enough (even though he's Fortune) he spun a wish to win the Extra-Terrestrial Scholarship.

Beau's LTW is to be a Hall of Famer. He shows no interest in fitness whatsoever.

I forget now which EP gave us the benefit of growing up townie friends, but I like it and Marsha Bruenig grew up with Beau. She's quite cute.

No sooner had the Broke's practically broke the bank to buy a telescope than bad Gordon the Burglar came and nicked it!

                                Jeez, and the pinball machine!

Luckily Beau kept his head long enough to call emergency and Demi Love handcuffed and led Gordon away. The pinball had depreciated a lot but they got enough to buy a new telescope, and the wishes to buy a burglar alarm.

I mean, they have a DOG. (rolls eyes at useless dog who really should bark and attack strangers with bad intentions). heh.

The Broke's are certainly creative and little Carter here is no exception.

Remembering that Brandi's LTW is to raise 20 kitties/puppies she was, after several days of hard work/skilling/friend making, able to pay to adopt the most expensive dog. A female called Abbey.  Her and Maxx hit it off nicely.

         .... and a few nights later they were getting on really well!

One night Beau decided to sneak out with Marsha Bruenig- who knew she had such a cool car?

I guess they should've run faster. If he'd shown more interest in fitness he might have got away, ha!

He cheered up the next day when Marsha gave him his first kiss.

Brandi meanwhile has been busy with work, friends and the dogs. Abbey here came with all her skills (hence her price tag- around 4k I think), but Brandi's  almost trained Maxx in all his skills too.

She also makes time for family cuddles...

and really wishes she could find a man, all she brings home from work is Goopy.  Now she's getting on she keeps rolling the fear of being 'old and unmarried'.
Maybe she should call up that Remington guy her friend Nina introduced her to?

She might be occupied for a while though as Abbey presented her with 3 puppies!  Mary, Mungo and Midge.

She should have a bit more help now that Carter turned teen too!


Brandi- has that fear of being 'old and unmarried'. She wanted to 'get fit' this week, train the dogs, 'kiss' (managed that by 'family kiss'). She didn't roll a lot- serve food, be friends, praise and train dogs.

Beau- Entertain, get scholarships, talk about hobby, earn skills.  He got a teen job in Law. He never really rolled 'earn money'.

Carter- had a good week of skilling, getting A+, homework help, skipping and to grow up well. He rolled Pleasure. We'll find out his LTW next time.

I got both Abbey and Maxx into pet jobs so Brandi spent a lot of time training Maxx this week.

Mary, Mungo and Midge was one of my favourite tv programmes as a kid, and that's where the pups names came from. :)


  1. I am laughing at "bad Gordon the Burglar" because in one of my saves, he married Brandi. I am really enjoying reading your blog. It's making me miss TS2.

  2. hahaha That burglar must have been Dustin's old friend coming back to visit....

  3. Man....stupid burglar. At least the cop caught many times mind don't and they are out the money. I've never seen a fear of being old and unmarried, that's interesting.