Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Burb- Round 2- House 8

Here we are back at the Burb's, and they have added a small extension which houses a few poker tables and a restroom for their patrons.

                       The college kids came over to try their luck.

In typical family style John wanted to throw Lucas a birthday party.
Of course I had forgotten to unlock the doors to the house before I threw the party, so the guests all had to buy tickets... heh.

                Lucas grew up well- he's a chip off the ol' block isn't he?

Unfortunately by the end of the party only Lucy and Lucas were left standing- their folks had gone to bed- the guests didn't want to buy tickets so all left and the party was a disaster.... oops.

                               Lucy didn't dwell on it and earned her promotion.

                                             and her business became Rank 2.

The next day was a snow day, which meant she could really put in some hours on the business. Not that it needs much help really- the tickets are set to cheap and most people stay all day.

Lucas enjoyed the day too- he played around and made a snow angel.

                               and had homework help from John,

Who had got a promotion of his own.

                   Jennifer was still wanting the skills for promotion.

                     but still made time to help Lucas build a snowman,

which was destroyed in some style by Stella Terrano. :)

Friday saw another jump in ranking for Lucy,

a visit from the Reporter,

and the work paid off for Jennifer when she reached top of career.

                      On Saturday Lucy got a Bronze in sales.

and she finished the week with a Business rank of 6.

Summary-  Lucy didn't have to do a lot to get to rank 6- she didn't really need to sell tickets for entry but did so to get started on a badge. Her wants revolved around having parties and earning ranks.

Although the reporter turned up twice she never gave us a review- good or bad.

Lucy did host another party, which again I forgot to unlock doors- I did so when guests arrived- some left straight away but 2 stayed, and the party was a good one.

Lucy hasn't spun wants to go to college thus far.

Jennifer- worked on skills and friends to get the promotions. It paid off for her this week reaching Top of Career- now she just needs to earn 100K for perma plat.

John- mixed wishes of skills, playing/chatting and making friends.

Lucas- being swung around, making snowmen/angels and skilling/homework and playing on the playground. He's a happy kid.


  1. Great job with the Burbs. I am warming up to them.

    1. Yes same here, I've only ever played them once (partially) and got fed up quickly- but sometimes that's the challenge eh? :)

  2. Well they seem to be doing well so far. :)