Thursday, 8 March 2012

Caliente-Dina- Round 2- House 3

When we left last time Nina had moved to her own place and Dina is learning to cook!

She's also keen to get her Silver Toymaking badge, but sometimes is just too exhausted to make decent Jack-in-the-boxes.

What with fulfilling marital wishes an' all. (Yep, she's Fortune but I think secretly Romance). lol.

Her pregnancy is wearing her out and she's too tired to even enjoy the dinner Magnus served up.

The next morning she's perked up though and is talking about buying new shoes after work!

I'm guessing Magnus put his foot down and said 'no' to shopping!

Magnus still hasn't seen the Medical career and so his daily wants have been to invite someone over and play ball. He's got the guys round for the game but it looks to me like they are watching 'Babewatch'. :)

Finally an opening for a Paramedic appeared and Magnus set off to work.

Typically about an hour later Dina went into labour....

                                She had a son, he's called Vito.

They had to resort to hiring the dreaded Nanny, but Dina hoped a large tip would improve the service somewhat.

She actually wasn't bad and before long Magnus helped Vito with his birthday.

and then, what a night! The ghost of Michael Bachelor appeared and all the above pics were taken in one night. Magnus tried hard to train Vito in some skills but kept getting scared.  Dina arrived home from her shift and Magnus went to bed, but Michael just followed him upstairs. He passed out at one point and I thought he might actually die.  Thankfully he didn't but he did have nightmares.

                   Even Dina wasn't safe from Michael's haunting.
                       What a major pain he was that night! 

Dina's wishes were to go to work, talk about hobby, get skill, get promotion. She isn't too far up the career ladder as she was too exhausted most of the time to do anything useful. I feared twins but it was not to be.

Magnus wants to buy stuff, invite friends over and dance, talk hobby stuff and now he has a job he can work up the levels, he's wanting the skills.

Vito is the typical toddler, he currently wants to grow up well.


  1. Yep, motherhood's tough! Hopefully Dina will get some alone-time soon.... Get those shoes, girlfriend!

  2. What a pout she has. And just because she couldn't shop.

  3. Wow lots of ghost action! *jealous* I want to get thru with my CEUs! I am ready to play again!

  4. Wow....Michael sure was crazy at night. Dina's pout is too funny.