Friday, 30 March 2012

Caliente-Dina- Round 3- House 3

Here we are back at Dina's and Magnus Caliente is playing with little Vito. One wish fulfilled. Toddler's are so easy to keep happy.

Meantime Dina had a want to invite Don over to play. She did that pronto then said goodbye before any other ideas came into her (or his) head.

                                  Vito had his birthday.

Fortune Sim Dina is all about the promotions, so for her it's skill, friends, skill, talk hobby. :)

Magnus too as a fellow Fortune sim is happy with the promo's, but he varies his wishes a lot, he likes to dance, woohoo, play, talk hobby (what else?).

Vito too shows early signs of fortune as he wanted a lemonade stand. These things are great, lots of sims just wander along and buy lemonade.
It's not so much fun in the rain as often something sets on fire and the sims go bananas, like they do.

Here's a new thing I found out about the game...
Every time Vito spun 'fast' on the twirl, spin and wobble, he threw up after getting off it... lol. I guess I usually only have toddlers play on this.

Dina was still working on getting Gold in Toymaking (which I locked about a million sim years ago). She's a bit rubbish. But you never know when you might need a possible sim death, :D

Vito got homework help, he's not in private school yet, I'm going to wait until he rolls at teen stage to see what he gets. He may throw up the wish himself.

He's highly playful though, and that helped him max the creativity skill.

At the end of the week Dina is a Counterfeiter and Magnus a Specialist.  They had a few pitiful days with wants, so I took them to community lots sometimes to re-spin something new. Sometimes that helps, sometimes not.
All in all a good week of wish fulfillment. :)

Although I do think the ghost of Michael Bachelor has gone too far this time!


Yeah, never seen a ghost appear in the shower before- had to bag that photo.

Dina- wants mainly to skill, talk hobby and get the gold badge. (still not got it).

Magnus- talk hobby, skill, dance, get promo, woohoo, play. Quite varied for a Fortune sim.

Vito- wanted the lemonade stand, to skill, make friends, be swung, and play/win games.


  1. Ha typical typical for Dina. Yeah, the ghost in the shower! Funny, I had never seen that before. Although Michael Bachelor's ghost is horrbile..merciless.

  2. Seems like a mostly easy week for the family. Kids really are pretty easy usually.