Friday, 30 March 2012

Caliente- Nina- Round 3- House 3a

Things are hotting up at Nina's, but not always in the Romance sense.

She was throwing a party- I said just chips and dips would do. Honestly.
Thankfully no-one got hurt and Goopy and Nina still had time to make fun of Remington's dancing.

                    Nina decided she needed some winter sun.

Where she did all the usual holiday things, met new people, learned new tricks, caught a crab.

After one trip she got a map to a secret location and after fixing up his stuff, the Witch Doctor gave her a gift.

Which she used on one of the hotel guests, William.  Hey! She's on a clock here - woohoo 20 remember?!

            Back home and she chose herself a bit of je ne sais quoi.

                     The Goopmeister became woohoo number 12. (shudder)

The day after that, no doubt helped by the vacation boost, Nina got her top of career.

                     She celebrated on a date with Ethan, number 13.

William from the Hotel at Twikkii Island came for a visit and became number 14. Nina had a bit of a disaster with him as she wanted public woohoo, which was fine but when she took them home only she went home. He must've gone home to Twikkii Island, because she had to invite him again and he turned up the next day, as they normally do.

                       Downtownie Adam was Nina's number 15.

               Alan became number 16, but after they'd woohooed this came up,

I had to go back through all my 'Nina notes', 'cos I knew it wasn't right.  Alan was definitely number 16. Nina had several public woohoo's and I wondered if that wasn't the cause, but no. A weird glitch.
No matter. :D

Jim visited from the Island, number 17.

                                  Joe Carr was number 18.

                    Voodooed guy Hobart from the dorm was number 19.

Nina called the Exterminator on pretence of bugs as she had a want to woohoo with 5 service sims which I'd locked.

Robi Charvat became her 5th Service Sim woohoo, but more importantly, he was the 'real' woohoo number 20. Job done. :)


Nina spun the wish for an Island vacation and I figured if I could get the doll that would really help. She got lucky on her trip (even though she dug in her garden endless times before).  That helped a lot, plus I just love holidays.

She had lots of double dates during the days. Inviting friends from the Island is ok, she made sure she did it in advance so they'd arrive promptly and she had them leave as soon as she'd done with them. heh.

Here's a screen of her telephone book- she still has the 20 loves, although I'm sure when I play the next houses that might end. :)

Very odd about the glitch with her lovers, that's not happened to me before.


  1. Impressive! I like taking my Sims on holiday too!

  2. Nina looks to have had a very fun holiday. Interesting with the woohoo's. I'm guessing she didn't woohoo public and privately with anyone, just one or the other. She has it for sure now though. :)