Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Dreamer- Round 2- House 5

When we last left Darren he was impregnated after an alien encounter. Dirk has been at college a while but Darren keeps up with his news regularly.

The moment arrived and Darren found himself wishing he wasn't doing this alone- or at all, really. Oh the pain!

Aww, Darren welcomed a little alien girl into the world. No real alien features except large eyes but of Darren's colouring. She's called Ripley. :)

Darren finally threw up a want to buy an orchard tree, and as his favourite hobby is nature he got some plots to go with it.

He's still working his way up the Gaming career and had to hire a nanny, who he thought was rather hot. Really?

He's still being scared by the ghost of Darleen.
Most of the time his want to see a ghost has disappeared by the time he actually sees the ghost. Typical.

That's probably because I'd locked in his 'teach Ripley' wants when I could. Here they are learning a nursery rhyme... 

                                                                and walking....

                                                               and potty trained!

She got to learn to talk as well of course, I must've missed the pic.  Good Aspiration hits all around though.

She likes to draw on the activity table too.

Darren accidently called for Maid's services when he was supposed to ring the nanny and found he couldn't afford both (and if you tip the Nanny she'll often do the maid's work anyway), so he had to let Kaylyyn go. aww.

Darren's wants revolved mainly around teaching Ripley once she was a toddler. Up until (and after that) he still mainly wanted to increase his skills. He was quite exhausted this week and hopes to have a more profitable week next week!

Ripley- enjoying her toddlerhood plays/talks/snuggles and skills.


  1. I was right. A cute baby. I love alien babies.

  2. OOHhh alien babies! I love them too! I have not had any abductions yet in my Pleasantview. *sigh* However I do have a hack that will make women alien pregnant to, although I have never gotten to use it. hehehe! Can't wait!

  3. Aww....Ripley is SO cute! Darren really does make cute alien babies. I wonder if he'll ever meet anyone.