Thursday, 8 March 2012

Goth- Round 2- House 2

After Mortimer died Cassandra threw up a wish to 'get fit', She was getting fat she thought.

Oh wait, she wasn't fat she was pregnant!
Ever the attentive brother Alexander gave her a makeover and finally encouraged her to ditch the old hairstyle.

Her husband Nicholas still hasn't thrown up any kind of useful wish and always wants to see shooting stars, which makes me nervous.
He wants to skill lots, serve food and make friends but doesn't appear bothered about getting a job.

Mortimer is gone but not forgotten and is unimpressed with others using his bed!

Cassandra and Nicholas welcome a daughter, Samantha into the Goth house.

Cassandra brushes up on her Charisma by talking with Hannibal.

Meanwhile Alexander is talking to real people and seems quite taken with Angela Pleasant. I don't think they ever spoke before she walked past the house tonight.
He also got a Bronze makeover badge when giving Herb Oldie a new look. Digging the flat cap look Herb. :)

and in true getting-ready-for-college style, he's learning to cook and working on scholarships.

Sadly Hannibal dropped dead. Well, not that sad. The bird squawked like heck all day long and caused horrible routing issues. I think as soon as his food was empty that was it. He wasn't that old and I've had birds live longer. Hey ho. :D

Alexander got another scholarship and decided to head on out to college.

Samantha had her toddler birthday and started learning her skills.


Ah, ok. So this is why Alexander never gets the 'Orphaned Sims Assisted Fund'. That's just weird. (I've seen it once before but had long forgotten it).

Wishes; Cassandra wants still to skill. She had daily wishes to entertain, appreciate, make friends. Once Samantha was born after the initial 'buy cot and changing table' she wanted to teach her walk, talk etc.

Nicholas had wishes to see shooting stars, skill, serve food and make friends.

Alexander's daily wishes were almost like clockwork- earn money, go to work, get skill, dance (yes that was random!), talk.

Samantha is nice and easy at the moment, she likes to skill, have nursery rhymes sung to her, be tickled, snuggled etc.


  1. I had no idea Bella showed up like that. How very strange but then again the Bella Goth thing always was.

  2. She showed up to see Alexander off at my first attempt of 5 Wishes. I thought, how odd! Isn't she in Strangetown???

  3. I guess Bella heard about Mortimer and came to see him off. lol....strange stuff.