Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Goth- Round 3- House 2

At the Goth Mansion- Samantha is having a birthday party! 

But while she gets to know her Uncle Alexander, what's up with Darren Dreamer?

oh dear, I sent Cassandra and Nicholas upstairs to start their 'have a baby' want, (which wouldn't go away- lol).

Darren clearly still remembers that Cassandra flirted with him to get rid of Don and is harbouring a crush.  Funny- I swear that Cassandra and Nicholas made out with each other right in front of him once and he didn't bat an eyelid.  oh well.

The party was a success, I mean the cops broke it up, as they seem to do more often than not here in Pleasantview, but still, it's a school day tomorrow. :)

Samantha has been quite easy to please this week, playing with family, winning games with friends (that's Lucas Burb) and catching fireflies.

Nicholas is still at it with the seeing shooting stars, and he's enjoying cooking new stuff too. He maxed his creativity as well and is selling masterpieces.

You would think the Headmaster of a school would actually be interested in talking about it!
I don't get Cassandra's thoughts at all either, lol. She didn't have to flirt- she just thought about it.

Once her pregnancy kicked in it was harder to keep her wishes fulfilled though.

She had a wish to play Marco Polo, so I obliged in building a pool- they can afford it and it actually helped with Samantha's wishes as well.

Nicholas and Cassandra enjoyed a date as well to keep them in a good mood.

which was just as well....

They are both Family sims and as such have the extra aspiration for twin births- I either give my Sims those extra things, or I don't, so all of my Pleasantview sims have them. It's only fair- good with bad- lol.

                          It's 2 boys! Campbell and Hans.

                  Samantha stayed happy by making another best friend.

                    and to finish the week the twins became toddlers!

Summary- Cassandra is currently a Police Chief- just one step away from her LTW.
She still wants to skill. Her other wants of the week (almost exact daily) were to play chess, play a pc game, talk about hobby and call Alex to chat. She had those wants for about 3 days straight.

Nicholas- still stargazing, cooking and serving food. He also had exact wants for a few days which were;- play pc game, eat chilli (random!) and see a shooting star. Other than that he wanted to throw a party (which is why Samantha had one), make friends and sell a masterpiece.

Samantha- Wanted to slap dance (ever since the Oldie's mountain holiday the whole neighbourhood are at it!), talk about hobby, be friends and best friends and her latest is to fish- so I've put in a pond for next time.


  1. Great play at the Goths'. Love Nicholas....hehehe he seems to be a bit eccentric just like the rest of the Goths! Fits right in. Did he take the Goth name?

  2. Yes Nicholas took the Goth name. I give the surname of the house they move into usually, save any confusion. :)

  3. Wow twins!! Super cute. They look like, at least in skin tone, to each take after a different parent. These wants are fun to see...very random at times.