Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lothario- Round 2- House 1

Welcome back to Don Lothario's! It's party time and Don has invited all the single girls he knows in Pleasantview that aren't mad with him. :)

Don's good friend Ivy Copur networked with him and asked to set him up on a blind date! I don't think Ivy realises what a good friend she is to Don... like he's going to say no?!

                                      Life imitates Art eh?

As strange as it may seem Don did get an occasional want to earn a skill, so as he is working on becoming a Rock God, his old Med School career reward came in handy for mechanical skills.  Goodness knows who left that toy rocket in there though!

With Don's house not having a lot of room his new career reward is also up on the top floor.

Don worked his magic on walkby townie Gretchen. It didn't take long for her to fall under his spell and she spent the night.

Several hours later Brooke (his blind date from the party) is sneaking onto the property to drop off a gift while Don is upstairs with Gretchen. Good job Sims can't see through the walls!

Here's Brandi Le Tourneau enjoying Don's hot tub.
Don has now thrown up the want to woohoo 10 sims, make out with 10 sims. So we're working on it!

Ericka the Gardener finally became Don's friend... and more.

Don rarely refuses Kaylynn's offer to stay after work, she gives him the 'quick fixes' he often needs to stay in a good mood!

As long as she leaves before his next date arrives of course!  This is Marylena Hamilton, the townie. She became Don's '10th' love. Whew, I'm worn out, I don't know about Don! :)

Public Woohoo is always risky, but always fun for Don, and here his good friend Ivy, just became a bit more than a 'good' friend.

Here you can see Don has 11 simultaneous lovers. A lucky break for him as he hasn't been caught yet! 


Don's wants mainly revolved around meeting someone new, having woohoo and being Bf's or Bff's with someone as well as dating them.
You can see I locked in reach the top of career.

Don is a Symphony Conductor now- so he's not far from the top! He's just renovated his kitchen and can cook spaghetti... lol.
One thing I found odd is that although he gets a memory from Woohooing with an NPC, he's never thrown up a want to 'Woohoo with 5 service Sims'. Maybe I'll get him to meet another one and we'll see if that appears.


  1. Nice job especially since he hasn't been caught yet. But give him time. He'll get there.

  2. Wow...Don's been lucky not getting caught yet. Either that, or he's just really skilled. He reminds me a lot of my Denis Marzena.