Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Lothario- Round 3- House 1

Here we are back at the Lothario love nest and Don is starting his week by  dating Ericka. His only other wants that day (apart from the dating ones) were to tell her an inside joke as well as....

brushing up his cooking skill (strange but true), and buying a drum kit which is in the background. He got cooking levels 4 and 5 that day.

The next day wasn't a good one for Don at all, not only did a bad choice on a chance card get him a demotion, but the only achievable want he spun up that day was to talk about his hobby.  A bad day on the 'wishes' front. :(

He cheered himself the next day on a date with Kaylynn- he's so drawn to her. Other wants of the day were to serve and eat pancakes- he's becoming a bit of a foodie.

The next day he met Caryl- she works as the Pleasantview reporter. 
Don't you think it odd that he's right in front of her and yet she's saying 'Call me!', haha.

Of course Don doesn't like to hang around, he asked her on a date immediately and you can see it went rather well. 

 On Friday Don achieved his Lifetime Goal and became a Rock God. I then locked in woohoo with 20- just incase. :)

                         Allyn here became Don's first 'groupie'.

On Saturday Don rolled the want for new clothes and public woohoo.
When I took him to the lot his old flame Melissa was there and happily obliged.

On Sunday Don rolled the urge to date, and so Christy Inada became his date for the day.

Summary-  Don achieved Rock God status- rock on.
Unusually this week Don didn't roll many 'meet someone new' wants- instead wanting to skill, serve food and talk about his hobby.

I'm undecided with Don whether to go for the woohoo 20, or make him settle down, it's a dilemma. :)


  1. OOhh weellllll..stick with the woohoo 20, ya never know, he might mysteriously roll 'get engaged to so and so'. Sometimes that happens to romance sims when they are in the midst of love....

  2. LOL....those romance sims can be pretty crazy sometimes. :) I say go for the 20, like Wen said, you just never know where his wishes will lead you.