Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Oldie- Round 2 - House 7

Back at the Oldie house, and Coral had a wish to go camping.

They'd barely arrived at the campsite and Herb, the ol' Romancer, had a wish to woohoo on a hammock.

                                  That worked up an appetite.

                              and they fished for their supper.

                   The next day Herb found a map to a secret location.

                 He and Coral met up with and befriended Amar Bigfoot.

        They even persuaded him to move back home with them.
Amar had all his skills and badges, but still managed to burn dinner. 
He wanted a job and so went into the Education field where he immediately earned the bookcase.
The great thing about Bigfoot? He doesn't need any friends for promotions and can make anything on craft tables...

and here he is giving Lucy Burb a few snapdragons for her upcoming business. ;)

Coral had a wish to win a cooking competition and so her, Herb and Amar set off to Sue's Kitchen,

All went for fish dishes but Coral's sparkly Rainbow trout won the comp!
                  The next day Amar moved to his own place.

As Coral had a fear of Herb dying and he not of her dying I decided to elixir him a couple of days.

They enjoyed a lovely last date....

Before the Reaper came and took her. Aww, she looks so sad.

Unbelievably a few hours before she died Herb spun up the fear of her dying, so dropped a lot of aspiration, though he still has his memories of their time at the Lake.

As he only had a day or so by my reckoning he enjoyed a date with Lucy Hanby- so much so that he invited her to move in.

and things progressed from there.

and Lucy moved in just in time... Herb died the very next day.

So Herb left Lucy the trailer, land and a lump sum, as well as another little surprise!

Summary;- Aww, the Oldies were nice to play really.

Coral wanted skills, kisses, to be friends with her grandkids.

Herb, that sly ol' dog, was happy when dating his wife and fishing. lol.

Before they died they each gave the contents of their inventories to their grandkids Lilith and Angela- mostly fish they'd caught and a few veggies.

Bigfoot is great, I've played him loads of times and like him in the 'hood. He moved to a place across the road.

I have a soft spot for Lucy Hanby as she was my original Legacy founder's wife and I thought it'd be nice to keep the story of the Oldie's house ongoing.


  1. Awww buh bye Herb! buh bye Coral!

  2. Well that was quick for Coral and Herb, but they are older....Lucy is cute, can't wait to see what happens with her.

  3. Don't you just love the "parting gifts" the dead old men give.