Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Pleasant- Round 2- House 6

Now that the girls are in college Mary-Sue and Daniel are off on the trip of a lifetime!

Upon their arrival at Twikkii Island the first thing they have to do is fulfill one of Daniel's wants!

Then they head down to South Beach to enjoy the various local offerings.

Whilst trying to catch some rays Daniel got caught up in a hailstorm.

But once the storm cleared he and Mary-Sue found the notorious ghost Captain who taught them a Sea Chantey.

                              They found ancient monuments,

and learned local techniques.

The locals were only too happy to teach the tourists the ways of the Island.

                           It really was like a second honeymoon.

                             This was their favourite snapshot!

On their arrival home and just a day later Daniel became an Elder.
The benefits from the vacation gave them improved performance on skills and jobs for a few days which they were happy and wished to increase.

If you've ever read Mary-Sue's bio then you'll know that she enjoys pottery- or used to when she had the time,- so I decided to buy her a wheel and she soon rolled the want to earn badges. In no time at all she'd got bronze and was making plates, tea-sets and vases.

As soon as Daniel had maxed creativity he had a want to buy a sewing table- I kid you not. He's mellowed somewhat in his Elder years hasn't he?  In years gone by he was chasing skirts, and now he just wants to make them.

Darn burglars, darn sleep and darn me for forgetting burglar alarms.

                        No Gordon, take the other one, it's cheaper!

Wow Officer Dorian kicked some butt. I think that's the first time I've ever seen him win the fight.
Gordon's pockets must be full of all the stuff he's nicked from my Pleasantview sims so far! 

When he's not busy sewing Daniel enjoys his boys nights' out at the local bowl.

Mary-Sue's an elder too. I just found her job in Business the day before she aged up so hopefully her and Daniel can get their top of career (and LTW's) before too long.  Soon one of her girls will return, but which one?

I figured it would be nice to take the Pleasant's on a trip while it was just the two of them. The increase in skills/badges and job performance was certainly a factor too.

They wished for all the usual vacation stuff;- trips, hula, learn local gesture, buy souvenirs etc.

Daniel wanted either the sewing bench or florist bench so I started him sewing whilst Mary-Sue is enjoying her pottery once more.

Daniel is currently a Freelance Web Designer and Mary-Sue a Junior Executive.


  1. How sweet. It's nice to see that Danial mellowed and they are finally a happy couple.

  2. LOL.... " In years gone by he was chasing skirts, and now he just wants to make them. " tickled my funny bone!

  3. OMG! "In years gone by he was chasing skirts, and now he just wants to make them. " That had me laughing so hard. :) It amazing the difference playing from wishes can make in some of these families. Also amazing the differences in "parallel universes" of this hood. :)