Wednesday, 21 March 2012

University- Junior and Senior Yrs.

Here we are back in the dorm, and for once I got a shot of all 6 dormies! They do love to dance...

Dustin was having a bit of a 'who do I really love?' moment at the start of Senior Year.

and he is very good friends with all the other dormies,

I want him and Stella to stay together though, so quashed the 'Angela' thoughts with other distractions.
I gave him Popularity as a secondary aspiration as he always wants to throw parties and make friends.

Stella meanwhile was wanting to win a cooking competition. Don't ya think it
yells 'fixed' when the head chef wins?!

Stella was thrilled when she maxed her skills- she always wanted to skill.

and she finally beat the head chef to win a competition!

Dirk finally got invited to the Gym club just as he'd maxed the skill.

He also built a couple of Servo's.

and I gave him Knowledge as a secondary aspiration as he often wanted skills.

Lilith maxed creativity on her favourite drums.

She got a great aspiration boost when she got accepted into a Greek House.

It wasn't hard to pick 'Pleasure' for Lilith's secondary aspiration- all she wants is fun.

Alexander was happy continuing to makeover any other sims that passed by the dorm.

The ghost of his ex-girlfriend Nicole is always coming out.

But Alexander was happy with Angela now.
He was the last of the 6 to join the Secret Society and they enjoyed his initiation of a secret tale from the Far East that he'd learned in his childhood.

Angela upset Stella a bit when she won the competition as it was the first time they'd been and Stella had invited Angela. lol.

 I gave her 'Family' as a secondary- she shows those kind of wants a lot.

Here's Angela's graduation shot- she was the last to graduate but all the others stayed for a few days to prolong their young adulthood as long as possible!
Funny how she chose Dustin over Alexander for her 'picture partner'. :)


The Uni years were really fun, as I always find anyway. 
I didn't change the seasons as I normally do- and considering that they all did very well with skills, and all 6 graduated with 4.0's.

Alexander- The makeover station is hard work! But on the plus side, loads of Uni sims have new looks, lol. He's still just Silver but hopefully (can't be!) far from Gold.
Alexander majored in Political Science.

Angela- Also got into the Greek House with her sister. Practically the only Popularity want she had.
She majored in Biology.

Dirk- Got gold in Robotics, maxed a few skills. Dirk gave out a few gifts of robots to his friends, mainly hydro and cleanbots. (I do love the mayhem when they break down- lol).
Majored in Biology.

Lilith- She just wanted to dance her way through- play drums, dance more.
She majored in Art.

Dustin- Also liked to dance quite a bit, had wants to garden too and is a Bronze in gardening.
He majored in Literature.

Stella- Pretty much just wanted to skill. She also wanted to garden after she had the want to buy a tree. She got Silver gardening.
Majored in Physics.

(I changed all the majors (except Stella's) at the end of Junior Year to match the LTW's of the Sims).

There was a lot of dancing, a lot of hobby memberships given out- a few plaques too for maxing hobbies.
Quite a few parties
and just the one death. :)


  1. I think it must be the way Angela is programmed, and Lilith as well. Lilith is a party animal....and Angela seems more serious.

    1. Yes it's funny that, different spread on personalities I guess really does make a difference which is nice.

  2. That was an enjoyable uni round. I like uni, but I find it has started getting LONG. Perhaps I'll need to start trying to use wishes to get them through uni. Seems like a fun way to keep them happy and see what they decide.