Tuesday, 13 March 2012

University- Round 2

Here we are back at the dorm and the Pleasantview dormies are enjoying a boogie. Look! There's Seth, that guy who got it on with Nina Caliente- he's had a slight makeover since, me thinks he's scared of townie Phil who was so mad when he caught them at the Crypt O' Nightclub.

Nicole got a wish to see shooting stars so I set her up and went to check on the rest of the guys.

About 10 sim minutes later my picture in picture window alerted me to this....

Unbe-friggin-lievable!  It's quite ironic that the Science guy has turned up to invite Nicole to his little club don't you think?
Seriously though, in 8 years of playing this game I've only ever had this happen once before. 8 years.

 Some of her fellow dormies have the decency to at least look a bit upset- unlike Alexander.

So it seems we have space in the dorm...

A quick check back in the home 'hood and it seems Angela threw up a want for college- must've been after Dustin's last party that she attended. 
She didn't look too impressed with Alexander's first attempt at her makeover.

                                  But she liked this look.

Of course not everyone was happy to see her here!

                   Gosh Alexander, you didn't waste any time did you?
Maybe you shouldn't have picked a night when Nicole was out haunting?

How weird is that? Alexander got a memory for cheating on his dead girlfriend.

Although she was last in the dorm (the others are a semester and a half in front) she was the first to join the Secret Society.

                                  Stella is maxing some skills.

Her and Dustin are much better friends now!

These four, Alex, Dirk, Lilith and Dustin are all best friends and enjoy brekkie together in the dorm canteen.

Dirk wanted a more grown up look and after some trial and error (ahem) he found what he was looking for.

           and as Winter arrives in College another semester is over.


Nicole- wow, shocker... 8 years.  I hate stargazing. It's such a waste of valuable sim time! Did I mention 8 years, one time? lol.

Alexander- he really does seem to like Angela. hmmm.  I was thinking about resurrecting Nicole if Alexander ever gets into the SS, but now I don't know. I'll see how they progress on their own.

The rest of the dormies- we'll find out more about their progress next time.


  1. Woahhh!!! A satellite death! I have only had one of those 'by accident' when I wasn't trying for it, and it was in my Prosperity challenge. Lucky you, abductions, and satellite death!

  2. WOW....never seen a satellite death in my game before....I always get nervous to send them out and do stuff like that, and there is why. That is quite a twist. :)