Saturday, 10 March 2012

University- Round1

Here are the Uni sims for this new semester. Alexander Goth was first here and comes to meet his fellow students. Dirk Dreamer, Lilith (what-are-you-wearing) Pleasant, Dustin (ditto) Broke. I also threw in Nicole Thompson (former store clerk) and Stella Terrano.

Alexander brought his makeover station with him, and thank goodness! Lilith loves her new look.

The guys n gals head to a store to get some new clothes. Alexander and Dustin were passable but the others got new gear.

As well as fulfilling wishes there was some autonomy going on, and Lilith soon moved in to claim her man. I guess her and Dirk were 'meant to be'. No idea why he's got a red memory- he's a Fortune sim after all.

Dirk wanted to carry on with his badge building and bought this gift from his dad with him to college. He's makin' robots.

Lilith's wants revolved mainly around music- singing it, dancing it and playing it. She also wanted lots of contact not with her parents, but her grandparents, and they came over to campus a few times.

Nicole too autonomously flirted with Alexander. They shared a couple of nice dates, not dream, but good. He doesn't have the option to give her a makeover on his station, which is odd as he does with the other 14 students in the house! Yes of course I can take her to the mirror, but Alex wants his badges!

Nicole knuckled down to work at college and was also the head of the dorm, influencing sims to clean and tidy as well as do the other half of her assignments/term papers.

Alexander meantime came up with a great way to pick out Secret Society members, 2 were in the dorm here.

That left the unlikely couple of Dustin and Stella, neither of whom has any inclination toward the other but that won't stop me!

Although Dustin is a Fortune sim he does enjoy a party.  Apart from earning money the only other wishes he has are for fun!

Which is the complete opposite of Stella as she always has her head in a book!


I decided to throw Stella and Nicole into the mix as I actually thought Stella might incline towards Alexander and Nicole to Dustin, how wrong I was! Also- I just love Stella. :) 

I let all the students choose their own college majors. Usually if you wait a day they get the want all on their own. I don't think any of them are majoring in the profession's they are headed towards for their LTW's. Hey ho. ;)

The Secret Society- For a long time now I have put the dressing table that came with Uni in the Secret Society house and used it to makeover the members with face masks- my way of telling them apart. As Alexander brought his makeover station with him I let him do the guys in the dorm. Still looking for a 3rd member to start the cascade, :)

Uni wishes- talking about hobbies, playing games, influencing, going to class. Quite typical wishes, small but easy to achieve which is why I locked in any badges/ romantic wishes.

I am trying to play Uni inbetween each house now, to keep the momentum going.

Until next time........

Because sometimes you just can't help but look y'know?! ;)


  1. Wooo looks like so much fun! Perhaps I will sneak back into my game today. I like Stella pretty! Great idea giving the SS members face paint! Like that! Yeah, seems like no matter what Dirk and Lilith always meet up. W/ Angela ya never know.

  2. Well Dirk and Lilith seem like they should be together....interesting idea adding Stella, she's a fun looking sim, and Nicole. I guess we'll see what happens with Stella and Dustin.