Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Broke- Round 3- House 4

After buying new clothes and getting a makeover, Brandi decided to get rid of that 'be old and unmarried' fear she had.

She befriended Remington the maid, and with a little love potion help soon had him falling for her.

Her Pleasure-seeking son Carter had enjoyed a couple of dates. This is Tosha Go.

He liked her enough to want to kiss her, but he's going to keep his options open.
His LTW is to become a Professional Party Guest- very doable.

Deciding not to beat around the bush Brandi and Remington enjoyed a fine dinner at Londoste, and Remington got a surprise engagement!

They got married later that day, Remington bought 19K to the house, so I paused and did a revamp before the party continued. :)

Here's the obligatory wedding shot. (It was raining outside).  Both want a baby now, which is good, 'cos I definitely heard bells on their wedding night!

With the house getting quite crowded (Brandi's LTW is to raise 20 puppies/kitties remember) Beau decided to head to college, he didn't lose the want at all so I figured it was a good time. He and Marsha joined his brother's old dorm.

Marsha grows up ok but never has an aspiration and so I took her to the ReNuYou aspiration orb.  Hmm, she got a grow up well memory, was in platinum but still ended up as a Grilled Cheese sim. I can always change her, 'cos her needs (while easy every day to fulfill- I played one semester while I was there!) are rather dull. Watch this space.

Meanwhile in the puppy pen, little Bill here just arrived.

                    The next day Mary, Mungo and Midge grew up.
and Remingon persuaded his NPC waitress friend to buy them.  (I never know how the best way to get rid of pets is, sell to friends or have them adopted?).

Brandi is still wishing to train the dogs, so Maxx here is getting some more training.

She's doing rubbish in her job, kept getting bad chance cards and demotion.

Carter got busted while trying to sneak out with Lucy Burb- she's a bad influence that girl. :D

Wow, first time the Pleasantview residents have been visited by the bearer of the magic lamp. Infact she's been gone so long I thought she'd left town. She's scaring me.

The lamp was actually left (in memory at least) to Remington, but Brandi was the only one who rolled a wish to make a wish. She wished for a long life and was granted a few days.

A much longed for daughter came along the next day. She's called Eliza.

Followed by 3 more puppies the next evening- Ted, Jack and Jill.

            Bill grew up and Remington called to have him adopted.

As soon as Bill got in the car Remington ran out into the road with the thought 'cry softly' and wept whilst watching the car drive away. Aww.

Brandi wasted no time in getting Maxx and Abbey to try for more puppies.

Remingon's LTW is to have 6 grandchildren (sigh). I'm not sure I want to overpopulate that much.
He doesn't have a job and is happy looking after the dogs and little Eliza. Once he'd got 7 or 8 cooking skills he wanted to start winning competitions- he beat Marsha Bruenig here, who must've come from college. Her spaghetti was no match for Remy's ribs though.

We end the week with Brandi and her girly girl Eliza. Finally another female in the house!


Brandi- Started the week as a Lieutenant- ended the week as- a Lieutenant.. haha. She has raised 5 puppies to adulthood so far- Maxx, Mary, Mungo, Midge and Bill.
Wants were quite varied, aside from hobbies and skills she wanted promotion (hahahah) to swim, roller skate, praise, command and teach the dogs.

Remington- Wanted to get fit, earn skills, then keep earning more. Be friends, play and give love to the dogs.

Carter- His wants were quite similar on a daily basis- go jogging, buy clothes, buy stuff, buy more stuff (all games and toys- which I ignored). I took him on just 2 dates this week- he helped out with Eliza and the dogs.

Eliza- just a toddler wanting skills and hugs.


  1. It is refreshing to see what others do with the same houses! Brandi certainly looks happy! Remmy is always a good bet to bring into a household!

  2. I LOVE Brandi's makeover. She looks so happy with little Eliza. :)