Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Burb- Round 3- House 8

The Burbs, John, Jennifer, Lucy and Lucas.
John's LTW- Become Education Minister
Jennifer's LTW- Earn 100K
Lucy's LTW- Have 5 top businesses
Lucas- child.

          Jennifer's first wish of the day was to have a picture taken.

Lucas had a wish to improve a skill to another level, judging from the asp points, it was a fairly high level.

                           John wanted to buy a womrat cage.

Lucy's was to meet someone new. I think she hadn't banked on it being a customer complaining about her dad though. I guess John is winning too much at the tables- well the house always wins after all.

I guess the 'house' really did win when Lucy got her best of the best award.

After school Lucy got another step closer in a badge.

                                       Look who's visiting!

  Lucas was the one who wished for a wish, but there were only 2 options for him, one was to live a long life and the other was to have peace of mind.  As I didn't want him to have his childhood extended I picked 'peace of mind' forgetting that it actually gave a sim permanent platinum. (to be fair- the game guide said 'teen or older' so I didn't think it would work). But it did, so he's perma plat.

His mother is too after she earned her 100K. 
You can see that Lucy's business is now rank 8.

Lucas became a teen and helped along no doubt by his very recent perma-plat status grew up well. He rolled... Fortune.
ugh, I think my dice is stuck.

             I don't think Tasha was impressed with his childish behaviour.

Naturally Lucas wanted to get into private school but was too exhausted to attend dinner. It didn't put the Headmaster off who granted entry to both Lucas and Lucy.

John hit the top of the Education career and got a nice bonus here.

Lucy wished for a party and all her customers watched her grow up and joined in the party.
She never had a fear of being uneducated, which is good as her secondary aspiration is Fortune.

               She got a great birthday gift of her first rank 10 business!

Lucy had a teen career in the Entertainment field and got a natural promotion to Round Table Knight.
You'd think a suit of armour would be enough to shield you from hailstones wouldn't you?!

John gave a crafty wink as the household (and customers) celebrated his elder birthday.

The next day Lucy decided to close the home business. The family had enough money to move to a new and larger home.

Lucy's first wish in the new place was to buy a community lot, and so she did...

Club 'H' is going to be the Burb's new money-making venue. (I hope).
While Jennifer spun some tunes Lucy danced to them with her guests whilst Lucas served up a drink to his Dad.

John- John did have a few varied wishes this week, a few examples are to play cards, eat salad, play with womrat (yeah- I did buy one but soon set it free, lol). Each day he wished to play pc, talk about hobby and play chess. His secondary aspiration is Pleasure and he is an Education Minister.

Jennifer- Jennifer was harder to keep happy, lots of wants to buy (lots of buying/selling going on). Apart from that random want of having a picture she mainly wanted to talk about hobby, blog about hobby and earn cash. Her secondary aspiration is Popularity, and as such she spun better wants at the end of the week for parties, meeting new people etc. So next round with her (and indeed John) might be less dull.

Lucy- Parties! Her Popularity status easily overrides her secondary Fortune. She had a few parties. With running the business she had days of just wanting to employ friends and I could only get rid of those wants by taking her to a community lot. Had wants mainly for party/ meet someone new/be friends/best friends and then the employ wishes.

Lucas- To skill, to eat omelettes, play pc, talk hobby. Once a teen to earn money and go to college which has been there every day since his birthday.
The perma-plat thing was unintended.
Lucy's worth before buying the 'Club H' was 302,951.
I've never tried a bar/club before, thought it might be fun. In one session it was rank 1. woo.


  1. John winked as an elder? Too funny! The Burbs did well with their businesses! A very entertaining entry!

  2. Very strange with Lucas, but I guess he'll be happy for forever. Wishes make for such interesting stories.

  3. In my game Lucy is also a pop sim but I forget what her LTW is ;)