Thursday, 5 April 2012

Dreamer- Round 3- House 5

Here we are back at the Dreamer household. A quick re-vamp of the house to make room for the residents, who are,

Darren- LTW to be a Game Designer, his (alien) daughter Ripley. Dirk- LTW to be the top of the Oceanography career and his fiancee Lilith, whose LTW is to be a Media Magnate.

First wishes of the day,
Darren and Ripley's are to Grow up well (Darren to Elder- Ripley to Childhood).

Lilith had this random want to 'drink' Phil Jitma-somethingorother. I had to think why and then remembered this,

While Brandi Broke had been proposing to Remington Harris at Londoste restaurant, I recall an altercation out back, and this is it... Lilith kicking Phil's butt. I've no recollection of when they actually met though, but yes, I do like a challenge so her wish is locked in!

All Dirk's wants were for a pet of some kind and so I took him to Pepe's place and he bought little Jacques here.

As Dirk was leaving he spotted Magnus Caliente purchasing something, guess we'll have to wait to find out what! :)

Darren grew up well, he'd locked in promotion that day and came home with one, he's a Guild Leader now. The aspiration boost was great for his birthday.

Ripley grew up too, she's super neat and is unimpressed with Lilith's sloppiness.

Dirk found his old car just the way he left it and set to work restoring it once again.

He'd also agreed to join in his fiancee's cunning plan to rid Pleasantview of Phil whatisname who just happened to stroll by one day... Dirk was unsure of the plan, but then this came up,

Dirk couldn't believe the nerve of Phil! He was obviously some kind of conman, I mean, Mortimer (an old family friend of the Dreamer's) had died, like, 2 rounds ago! Darn cheek! To keep up appearances though, Dirk carried on befriending Phil.

While Lilith's career in Journalism had come up on Tuesday, no such luck for Dirk yet. He was there though to look after and cheer on Ripley's first A+,

and on hand to teach Jacques that puddles in the house are a no-no.

Midweek saw Lilith and Darren reach the top of their careers and permanent platinum for both.

and still no job for Dirk so he finally finished his car!

On Thursday Lilith got a chance card- she decided to go with getting more companies,

which didn't work out too well. (Thank goodness she got permaplat the day before!).

She needed fun and social, and what better way than to throw a housewarming party!

Everything happens for a reason y'know? With her moods satisfactorily improved Lilith looked for another job, and instantly found Natural Science! Heh- She's starting as a Scatmaster- that's level 4 I think.

It was like a college reunion and the party was great- as usual Lilith was the last one standing and for once the cops didn't break it up!

Dirk had set his hydro and cleanbots up upon arrival home, and for the most part they did their job admirably. The hydrobot broke down several times but as Ripley is so neat she was happy to clear up the messes when the cleanbot broke down because it couldn't cope!

Ripley and Dirk soon became firm friends.

Meanwhile Darren was busy in his garden, he got Silver in gardening this week, loves to fish with his daughter Ripley and even bought her a tent so she could enjoy a bit of camping in the safety of their own grounds.

Darren also had a pool put in as both Ripley and Lilith rolled wishes to swim fairly often.

On Saturday Lilith became a Rogue Botanist, and brought home something for the garden, :D

The smallest member of the house, little Jacques was put by Dirk into the Service career. Dirk, whose job still hadn't come up, was able therefore to spend lots of time training Jacques, who by Sunday had reached the top of the Service career.

Ripley got well skilled this week, it's the last day of Summer today and she'll be a teen soon.

Lilith's wish is almost fulfilled.
Dirk invited Phil over on the pretence of showing his new pool off, and once in the back garden Phil couldn't resist the lure of the cake...
                                           um... bye Phil!

and there we have it, just one reason why you don't want to get on the wrong side of Lilith!


Wow, what a great week at the Dreamer house- most fun!

Darren- Still wanted to skill and get promotion. Most of his wishes revolved around his nature hobby; fish, plant seed, harvest good produce, catch fireflies/butterflies/bugs.

Ripley- She brought little Samantha Goth home one day and they are best friends this week at her request. Also wanted to fish, (she got Bronze), then catch bass and catfish. Also lots of wishes to skill and play/praise and command Jacques.

Dirk- No luck on the job front this week. His wishes revolved around Jacques, training, praising and commanding. I also had to succumb to buying him a few things when I couldn't satisfy other wishes. He also wanted cooking skills, then to make cake/eat cake. (I think Lilith had made a cake and that set him off). He's cooking level 9 now. Still blogging about tinkering too.

Lilith- Still got the daily wishes to smustle/slap dance and blog about music/dance. I locked that 'drink Phil' early 'cos I thought it'd be a fun change and she was so lucky to get that job in Natural Science after she got fired, it was like it was meant to happen.

Neither Dirk nor Lilith threw the want up to get married, but I guess they need a nudge. Lilith got 5 days back after drinking Phil so they have plenty of time. She still loves her parties.

I've no idea why Phil gave us that 'introduce to Mortimer Goth' scenario- I hope it doesn't mean impending doom for the 'hood though. ;)

All 4 in platinum at the end of play.


  1. WooHoo! How funny is that??? I loved it! I am playing the Dreamers now and it hasn't been nearly as fun as this! LOL Good bye Phil, didn't need ya anyway! LOL

  2. OMG!!! That was awesome. What a fun house. Lilith is dangerous to make upset I guess. :) I've never seen the "drink ____" before, that's a new one.