Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Oldie/Hanby- Round 3- House 7

After Coral and Herb died, Lucy Hanby is the sole resident, along with her baby son Harry. His father was Herb. Lucy's first wish is to get fit.
Her LTW is to be a Celebrity Chef, her one true hobby is Culinary. She loves food, and is a super neat freak. Off to her shift at the diner...

                                       Who needs burgers?
yay, got one right!

Lucy celebrated by making crepes. She then had a wish for some new clothes.

She gave a good 'woop' at the mirror before bumping into and making a best friend with Stella.

Little Harry is a cutie, he's got his mum's red hair. He had the usual toddler wishes.
One day a toddler of mine may wish for something different- I'm still waiting, :)

                            hmmm, those darn kids?

                                   wow, 2 days in a row. :)

Poor Lucy can't always cook a perfect meal. Luckily she's used to pressure and whipped the extinguisher out.

While I'm not into Business, I find I have a new found desire and so Lucy is going to run a home bakery. She doesn't have much money as she spent most of the Oldie's limited funds on refurbishing, she lives over the top of her little bakery.

Lucy likes to party as a popularity sim and here she's celebrating Harry's birthday to childhood.
Notice Herb's ghost in the doorway? I swear ghosts wait until a scenario happens until they first appear!

I don't suppose Harry's first memory of meeting his Dad will be a good one.

He wanted to learn a skill and his birthday gift of a toy oven soon got him a cooking skill point.

             But what Harry really wanted was a brother or sister.

Lucy was almost ready to open the bakery and knew that she would be spending little time with Harry over the next few years if she really wanted to succeed.
She had no time for romance, and so she decided to make a phone call...

The next morning a Social worker came and brought a young boy, Alvin, into their home.

Harry got his wish fulfilled and Lucy knew they were all going to be one happy family.

She opened the bakery on Sunday and got lots of wishes fulfilled when meeting new people.

                                    She has a lot to learn!

She had a good first day though and with having a job as well is going to need some help until the boys are old enough to pitch in.

She hired her new best friend Christy, who has a bronze in restocking and will join Lucy at the Bakery next time.

The boys are getting on great! Harry won't be lonely anymore.

Lucy primps up before starting her next shift.
(I've not seen a non diva/mr big primp autonomously before).


Lucy had wishes to get fit, meet someone new (daily), invite someone over (daily), talk hobby, serve food (daily), eat food.
(These 'daily' wishes were the deciding factor in starting the bakery).

Harry- once a child had daily wishes to skip, skill and fish, as well as getting the new family member.

Alvin- literally been here a day, he seems happy. :)


  1. Woo this will be interesting to keep an eye on. I have never done a bakery before. Yes, ghosts seem to come out during parties and family occasions. Yay for the adoption! Heckuva lot easier than getting Lucy a significant other to get preggers with!

  2. Yay, I like Alvin! Glad that Harry got the new family member he wanted and it's nice Alvin is close to the same age. Good luck with the bakery, it's a great idea.