Monday, 9 April 2012

Pleasant- Round 3- House 6

Spring is in the air at the Pleasant house, and Alexander and Angela are both wishing for Woohoo!
Maybe more- I heard some chimes.

Mary-Sue and Daniel both want to see a relative get married.

and later that night they did when Angela and Alexander tied the knot.

Although her pregnancy is yet to show Angela is feeling the effects already.
Both her and her new hubby were lucky to get their relevant jobs for LTW's on the first day of the week. Angela is going into Law Enforcement whilst Alexander has chosen Law.

The psycho gypsy is back and leaving a lamp.

Although the lamp was left to Angela, it was Alexander who wished for a wish. He wished for Fortune- what else?

The next day everyone was at work and the hydro and cleanbot went crazy! It was really early on in the day too, so the garden was almost covered in puddles/trash, poor Kaylynn was struggling to cope on top of her other cleaning duties.

                           Angela arrived home with Top of Career and LTW.

As she changed into her Maternity wear she welcomed her friend Dina who was passing.
Alexander and Daniel (out of shot) also came home with their Top of Careers and LTW's! Daniel bought a friend home and Alexander went to chat with Cassandra (who Angela had brought home).


I never saw exactly what happened as I was at the gate with Angela & co, but Daniel particularly was 'crying softly'.... for Kaylynn.

Nooooooooooo, I had hopes of her marrying Don!

Suddenly Daniel was on his knees begging to the Grim Reaper.

"A game perchance?" Death suggested.

                                                         "ooh, left? right? left? no! right?, no, left!"

                                           Yessssssssssss!! Take that death!

So Kaylynn was returned, and then promptly said,
"It's a little late now, I have to leave, or shall I hang out?",
Daniel suggested she go home and take a bath.

Mary-Sue couldn't help but marvel at her husband's bravery.
He actually wanted Woohoo that night too!

Alexander was most fulfilled when he earned 100K.
He then decided to put his degree to good use and got a job in the Paranormal career.
 Although he's not a Goth by name anymore, he'll
always be a Goth by nature.

The next day a daughter was born to the happy couple,
she's called Amaya.
Amaya Pleasant? ha, yes you are. :)

Angela was back to work the next day to defend Pleasantview from whatever evils' are out there.

So.... should've picked 'Giant Robot' then.

Only a Family Sim would celebrate getting fired.

So... in just 2 rounds I have managed to get both Pleasant sisters fired! wtg me.

Angela actually wished for a party and that cheered her up, it was also Amaya's birthday and so Angela threw up a wish to teach her to talk.

Thanks to his degree Alexander didn't take long to become a 'Cult Leader'. Although I prefer the Exorcist's outfit. :)

Both Angela and Alexander want another baby- Alexander- no idea why, and Angela does have Family as a second trait. No luck so far.

A nature lover by nature, Angela threw herself into earning badges, and fishing too.
She isn't looking for a job yet, she wants skills and a baby!

As no-one works on a Sunday, it has become (for the last round at least) 'Family Day', where the Burbs are invited over. Skill building, friendships and family ties are built.

Alex and Angela snuck out for a bit of 'let's try again for a baby' time.

and then sat down for a nice dinner with everyone.


Daniel- Wanted to see a child get married, have woohoo (just the once). lol. He did want a date, so he and Mary-Sue enjoyed that.
Daily wishes still to sew a project, talk and blog hobby and since I put a pond in, to fish.
He is a Professional Party Guest.

Mary-Sue- wished to see a child get married. She wanted to fish originally so I put the pond in for her.
Daily wishes to talk hobby, make pottery and get skills for her job. She is currently a Vice President in the Business field.

Angela- daily wishes to talk hobby, nature related wishes such as plant seed, catch fish. Occasional wishes for a party and meet someone new. Still wants a baby.

Alexander- Earning money, talking hobby, skilling, playing and winning pc games.

Amaya- usual toddler wishes.

Last round with the Pleasant's Daniel threw wishes to 'invite so-and-so' over, and so the 'Family Day' was born. He and Angela often wish to 'invite a friend' (yes, she does have odd Popularity wants now and then!).

The Kaylynn thing- that was so weird, I really didn't notice anything until they all walked over there. Will she marry Don? I don't know yet, but Pleasantview without Kaylynn seems a bit odd and on the spur of the moment I had Daniel plead for her.


  1. Glad Kaylynn is ok, but it certainly threw in a bit of a "shock". Daniel did good pleading for her. Angela is really sweet, and I love little Amaya.

  2. I'll bet it was Death By Flies...for Kaylynn. In fact, that is my FAVORITE way to get a death by flies....use those robots! Easy peasey! Otherwise, great Pleasant update. Funny how our Daniels think such different things!

  3. The Clothes that Angela is wearing for her everyday, what is it called and where did you get it from?

    1. I'm not sure which outfit you are meaning? Is it the green jacket and dress? If so that's one I made myself but I don't think I have it anymore. Or is the Captain Hero outfit? :)

    2. It's the green jacket and dress, have you tried the recycle bin?

    3. i will hunt through my files later (working at the moment). Leave me you email address here (I will delete the message after I've got it) and I'll let you know. :)

    4. I've should have said "have you tried using a program called EasyUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro?"

    5. The outfit is long gone, my PC has been reformatted several times since.
      Thanks anyway.

    6. Do you want me to send you the one I got?

    7. I have the one I made for you thanks :)

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    9. Jack, we have a saying in England, "if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all'. I'm happy to have your feedback on my Sims and their lives but that's all.

  4. Well if you hadn't reformatted you PC several times OR kept Angela alive AND kept her as an adult, I think you could have still had the original.