Friday, 13 April 2012

Terrano- Round 3- House 9

A new addition this round, the Terrano household, where Stella lives with Dustin Broke.

Stella's LTW is to be a Game Designer, and Dustin's to be a Prestidigitator.
Initial wishes are to have a party, they tossed a coin, Stella won!

It was a great party, even though everyone was unimpressed by Nicholas Goth taking too long in the bathroom.
One thing I like about parties is that the 'influence' option rolls up a lot- 'influence someone to talk, entertain, etc etc'. It's a good way to get wishes fulfilled.
Dustin of course is Fortune- with Popularity as secondary. Stella is Knowledge, and I gave her Pleasure as secondary.

Stella got lucky with finding her job and with her degree started at level 9.

Dustin found his too in Entertainment, but doesn't start until Thursday so he's getting a skill or two.

Stella got to the top very quickly. Hello perma-plat! Her next LTW is to be a Media Magnate, she'll check the ads each day.

                     Dustin got a nice boost with a new best friend.

Later that day he got a bronze fishing badge- even though he only caught 2 boots! He was there for quite some time though.

                  Stella rolled a wish for a date, and so off they went.

                Back home Dustin surprised Stella with a proposal.

Both Dustin and Stella rolled Nature orientated wishes- a lot. Whilst it's understandable for Dustin (it's his 'one true hobby) it's not for Stella, who leans towards Tinkering. Still, no complaints and it's easy to keep them happy.

Dustin had a party and all his family came around to catch up with Stella. Lots of ex-dormies here too.

That put him in a good enough mood to impress at work, and he got his Top of Career.

He later that night found his new career- Become a world famous ballet dancer (haha).

                          His first shift saw him get a promotion.

His second saw him reach the top of his second career in as many days.

As the end of the week draws near, these two are looking pretty happy aren't they?

Well it's their Wedding Day!  They are holding a community wedding here at St.Simius.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words- it was a great day!

As soon as they returned home, they both spun wishes for a beach holiday!
Off they go! (May as well enjoy the last day's play!).

                               ouchie at the sunburn!

                               Double ouchie for Stella!


                                     midnight skinny dipping,

                                  and finally a great tan!


A slow start career wise for Dustin, but in the end he got 2 careers under his belt. Stella still waiting for Journalism to come up.

Dustin- lots of different wishes, nature ones- birdwatch/catch butterflies/bugs/go hiking. Have party, buy stuff, earn money, make friends.

Stella- Reach top of career, woohoo, date, party. Buy stuff. Nature ones as Dustin as well as buy juicer. See wolf, learn bookstuff such as 'fire safety'.

The community wedding- There is a vending machine at the lot where they bought cellphones, then once there they invited their various friends/family. These people turn up at the edges of the lot, so they have to individually greet everyone. Then they rushed to the wedding arch and got married- most people follow and if you are lucky you get a full(ish) church.

There is also a disco and buffet room I made, and some people stick around. It's a bit of a crapshoot unless there is a way I'm not aware of.*
One big tip- Don't (as they did) do it in Winter, as everyone wears outerwear (they change to formal for the ceremony, but go back to outerwear after)- which looks a bit rubbish in the 'buffet/disco' pictures.
Second big tip- Don't book a honeymoon. If you do the taxi arrives as soon as the ceremony is over- which means you miss out on your buffet/celebration shots. 
I got lucky that they wanted a holiday on their return home!

*It's just occurred to me that you could probably do a group outing (duh me) and that would probably work better- will try that on my next wedding! :D

Finally a shot of the 'hood as it is, who lives where,

                                     and this ends round 3!



  1. A very productive round for Stella and Dustin. I wonder what their children will look like? I have never had any luck with wedding arches off the home lot.

  2. Love this blog too.. I'm following both you and Wen's blogs, so it is really interesting to see how different the stories can turn out.. But I really like both of them..
    Oh, and I absolutely adore Stella, she is so cute I think.. Just got a soft spot for her I think.. :)

  3. The church is very pretty. I have yet to ever try a "destination" wedding on any other lot....I just always end up doing home lots. Maybe someday I'll build a church out and take them there. Love it as usual.