Tuesday, 24 April 2012

University- Round 3

The two Sims currently in Uni are Beau Broke and Marsha Bruenig.

Beau is a Fortune Sim with Knowledge as a secondary, whilst Marsha became a Grilled Cheese Sim if you recall after a backfire from the Re-Nu-Yu orb. I've decided to keep her that way, but she's a secondary Pleasure sim.  (For the record- I am rolling for initial Aspirations as teens, then choosing secondary as I see fit).

Marsha is hugely easy to keep happy- her 5 daily wishes?
Eat Grilled Cheese, Serve Grilled Cheese, Make Grilled Cheese for another Sim, Influence a Sim to make Grilled Cheese and Talk about Grilled cheese.

Beau has odd Fortunesque wants, but mainly wants to concentrate on his one true hobby wants, (Music & Dance), and to play games.

Since the last dormies exited I found at least 4 now live in the dorm with Beau and Marsha, so getting into the Secret Society was easy and Marsha found someone new who likes hearing about Grilled Cheese ('cos Beau really doesn't).

When Marsha serves up Grilled Cheese she gets a hit of 2,500 asp points everytime someone eats a sandwich, so that's 12,500 every plate she serves, assuming she eats one of the sarnies herself. She bought a lot of smart glasses...

which enabled both her and Beau to become Big Sim on Campus.

                             The Gypsy gave Beau a lamp,

                         and naturally he wished for the simoleons!

Unusually Beau had a wish to buy a violin, and enjoyed maxing his skill on it.

He also wanted to win a dance contest, which he did on his 2nd attempt.

Nicole's ghost is still scaring the dormies, and for once Beau wished to see a ghost.

Even though Marsha is secondary pleasure she never rolled different wants- at all. I tried taking them on a date and she got a few new ones, but they soon rolled away.

                Beau rolled a want to get engaged and so I obliged.

They graduated before you knew it!

Marsha is really shy and so didn't have a party, but they both finished top of their class.

This is their new home back in Pleasantview- it's a house of toasty cheese. :D More on that in the next round, for now here are the end of round 3 stats,


Marsha had those same wants every day, only when she graduated (and got the extra want slot) did she roll up a wish for a date- that's locked for next time.

Beau- to start a little different, but after a while a pattern emerged and so his normal 5 wants were, To play violin, to play bass, to dance with someone, to serve food and to talk about hobby.

Thanks so much Wen for the spreadsheet- it's awesome! :)  I have wayyyy too many Fortune sims, lol.


  1. OH my goodness! I love the toasty grilled cheese house! **yum** I thought the same thing about Fortune Sims in Pleasantview. There are far too many. The hood opens with a bunch. Wow @ Beau rolling hobby type wants. I am surprised he didn't roll wishes to get any hobby benches. Hmmm, I would think that a GCS Sim would be easy to keep happy! Nice Uni round!

  2. Haha.. oh I just love their new house! Way cool!

  3. Reading your and ASimWen's blog made me want to try this challenge as well ^^
    Nice house!

  4. That is a great house, love it. You do have a lot of Fortune sims, but as Wen said there are a lot of them when you start Pleasantview. Great job.