Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bruenig- Round 4- House 10

                            In residence- Marsha and Beau (Broke).

                                         Marsha wants a date- I'm locking that quickly!

While Marsha serves up Grilled Cheese in her toasty warm house Beau watches the game.

I decided to take a leaf out of Wen's book and take them to Sue's Kitchen- They stayed here for 5 days while Marsha gave that LTW a good start!

Beau got some cooking lessons from Sue and soon maxed his skill.
He also made several friends over the course of the time.

Don't worry Marsha- now there is just a bit more of you to love.

                                   They had their date.
                               oh, those darn DRAMA professor's! 

I don't know if I encountered some kind of bug but everytime Marsha tried to say goodbye or pay him off he just slapped her again- 
 see? 5 times.... jeez!   He just kept turning up. In the end I locked the front door so he couldn't come in. :D

Inbetween eating GCS's I had Marsha get a job as an Artist- she got to the top after her first shift.
Beau wants to be a sporting hero and get to the top of Athletics, he doesn't find the job/start until Friday. Meantime his secondary asp of Knowledge wants maxed skills- and he got that pretty quickly only having a few left to get.

Because I locked the door the annoying Professor just caught bugs and kept placing jars all over the lot....

                                           Go Marsha!

                                         That'll teach you, now buzz off!

It's nice that Marsha has someone to talk to about her lovely melty, yellow cheese.

    'cos even when they are on a date Beau still doesn't want to talk about it!

                        Hey look, one of them finally spun a want to get married!

                                                             Dum Dum De Dum......
                                         Beau is no longer Broke- now he's Bruenig!

                                                                They do some celebrating....

                                                         Beau hit the top and got his LTW,

                                                         and so did Marsha!

                                    She celebrates in style... lol.


Beau- a good week of skilling, finally finding his job. He wanted to play the violin, talk about hobby, dance with someone, slap dance, win a dance competition and get married.

Marsha- GRILLED CHEEEEEEEEEEESE! Yeah, pretty much that was it- apart from one or two dates. First time I've ever got that LTW done and dusted.

Not sure if she's pregnant yet- we'll find out next time. Here's the score after Round 4 in Pleasantview,

Still lots of Fortune sims but getting a good mix now. I might take a quick hiatus and go start Veronaville for a round or two but then I'll be back. :)

Terrano- Round4- House 9

In residence;-

Dustin (formerly Broke) and

When we left last time the happy couple had just returned from their honeymoon in Twikkii Island.

Initial wishes both revolve around Nature, but look, Stella wants to continue the honeymoon!


Stella is at work as a Game Designer- her 2nd LTW is to become a Media Magnate, but Journalism hasn't yet showed up.

Dustin meanwhile had completed his 2nd career LTW and is waiting on finding the next- Criminal.

On his days off he likes to party with his brothers and former dormies.

                                         He just loves to pull pranks.

If you thought he looked different that's because I gave him a new 'do and clothing- he didn't seem impressed. Ungrateful!

                                          Skilling the easy way!
                      The pleasure side of Stella likes to juggle- it's a quick fix.

I had one morning where nothing could be satisfied so I had to buy a car- you can see they both wanted it.

                                Then they rolled for a date and more.........;)

These young lovers want to start a family, but so far nothing appears to be happening.

                                                 They'll just have to keep trying.

                                          Dustin hit gold in Gardening.

          He and Stella both found their next careers. Dustin got a nice bonus....

                         and soon reached the top of his 3rd career/LTW.

Stella finally got pregnant, now we just have to wait another 9 houses until we find out what she has!


Good week for the Terrano's, lots of parties, friends and wishes fulfilled.

Dustin- nature related;- hunt bugs, catch butterflies/fireflies, birdwatch, plant seed.
Also during parties to influence other sims and play pranks. He won a cooking competition this week (he had 4 out of 7 days off work), wanted to buy jewellery, talk about hobby and make friends.
Dustin went from Criminal to Politics- he wants to be Mayor next!

Stella- same nature related wants as Dustin. Also to woohoo, blog, play pinball (the Gaming career reward fulfills that), buy car, juggle, have date. (They had 2 or 3). During the party she attended she wanted to influence a sim to serve food.

Next up it's The Bruenig's!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Burb- Round 4- House 8

In residence;-

John(elder)- Blog hobby, entertain, play with, play marco polo, appreciate.
Jennifer(adult)- Tell inside joke, play chess, talk hobby, buy stuff, buy more stuff.
Lucy(adult)- Get skill, entertain, throw party, play pc, make friend.
Lucas(teen)- sneak out with Harry, get fit, sell masterpiece, buy stuff, go to college.

Upon entry to the house and after viewing initial wishes, John and Jennifer both get inheritance from Jen's brother Daniel Pleasant. Those family get togethers weren't forgotten, ;)

                                 John and Jen are still keeping the home fires burning.

Lucas had a great night out with Harry Oldie-Hanby until he got caught! Yikes that's a big drop in points.

He got a real lecture and was grounded! He had to get a job too.
This family never need to work again but that doesn't mean they shouldn't- and that includes you Mister!

For the record, Lucas' LTW is to have 6 pets reach the top of their careers, which I may do, but not yet... Lucy has precedent in this family and she's going for 5 top businesses, of which so far she has 1. Pitiful. (I hate business). lol.

                           Talking of Lucy- here she is throwing a party!

  Quick scope of the room and she likes both of these guys, but which one better?

                     It seems like the guy in red has many fans.....

                           But Lucy won't let a little thing like that stand in her way!


Lucas came good with a chance card and got a couple more skills- he's Fortune if you recall and so wants college- and I can't wait for him to go- just working on skills for scholarships and then he's out of here!

He pitches in and helps at Club H- sometimes he gets sidetracked, like now winning a dancing competition when he's on bar duty, but still...

John is on cloakroom duty while Lucy gets the phone and greets the patrons.
They get the Business to rank 3 before leaving the session.

Jennifer had her birthday. She spun up a wish for a Florist bench and so I obliged.

In a fairly short space of time she'd got a Silver badge.

Meanwhile Lucy had invited Don over again... she wanted a date and they had a great one, but no wishes to get engaged or married to him- I think a secret Romance sim here?!
Infact, when I look at all the people Lucy knows, and it's a lot through her business, she has 2 stars with at least 10 guys... the hussy.

Ah... risky, and the silent chimes hack... loving that.  Don's genes will live on....

                          Another night, another session at Club H- rank 4 now.

So it's time for a several day session- I don't know what it is about this lot but only about 4 or 5 patrons turn up at a time, so it's very slow to grow in Business terms. Great for friendships mind you.

The reporter showed up, took a few notes then left- maybe she's still mad about the Don thing.
Actually she is the 'hood's newest 'Marsha Bruenig', calls everyone all the time. Still another friend for everyone.

   Well it took almost all week but Lucy is half way there!

Jennifer rolled a wish for a helicopter! Getting big ideas isn't she?! What a lot of space they take up!
John took it to get an alarm installed- rofl... :)

John got in the zone with Games.

and Lucas bagged himself some good scholarships.

It's Winter when he arrives at the Dorm. Can you say 'clone of John?'.

Ok, a little better. During his one session at the college market he asked a girl on a date, bought her coffee and had a good time, she fired off quite quickly after that... jeez Lucas, slow down! Fortune sim remember?!

Summary-  what? Lucy isn't due quite yet! ;)

So although I'm not keen on this family I have noticed a few things-
With Lucy throwing parties a lot of wishes change if you can fulfill one- for instance John wanted to influence sims to entertain, appreciate, prank each other.

So John- apart from those influencing wants, he wanted to play chess (zzzzzz), blog (zzzzzzzzzzz), play pc, play with and entertain.
(once or twice while at Club H he had the wish to 'entertain for tips' which was most amusing- he sucked but it got a laugh. ;)

Jennifer- play chess (zzzzzzzz), buy stuff (zzzzz), tell inside joke- once I got the Florist bench she wanted badges. Wishing for the helicopter was funny- it bagged her 20,000 asp points- totally worth it, ;)

Lucy- I think she's forgotten she's a businesswoman- she wanted parties all the time- she had 3 this week, play games, make friend, meet someone new. She too had wishes to influence during the parties.
Her and Don just kind of happened- let's face it, his genes are too cute not to share, :)

Lucas- His best wish was to sneak out with Harry- other than that he wanted to buy stuff, get fit, make money, do homework, skill and go to college.

Next stop- Terrano house!