Saturday, 19 May 2012

Broke- Round 4- House 4

In residence;-

Brandi Broke (adult)- Initial wishes to be friend with Polly (newborn puppy), talk hobby, make friend.
Remington Broke (adult)- Skill, buy green source, teach Eliza toddler skills.
Carter Broke (teen)- Have date, buy clothes/phone/mp3/game.
Eliza Broke (toddler)-Potty trained, learn nursery rhyme, be talked to/played with/snuggled.

               Remington sets about training his and Brandi's daughter Eliza.

As a Family Sim (with secondary knowledge) Remington is easy to keep happy at the moment- he's wanting to skill, a lot.
Brandi too as she wants to get her TOC, which is Captain Hero.

Carter Broke- Brandi's third son, is a Pleasure sim- he loves to rock out to his new mp3 player.

                      See how even youngsters fall at Goopy's feet?

                                           Haha, kidding.
                    Amy was a date given to Carter by the matchmaker.

As a pleasure sim Carter is pretty easy to keep happy, when he's not wanting to juggle or jump on the sofa he's happy to date- here he took Sophie to the local ice rink.

Remington really wanted another baby, but Brandi got too old- one night he got whisked away by aliens...

Imagine his (and my) disappointment not to hear that familiar chime of 'guess what just happened?' when he returned.
We have 6 pets in the house (Brandi's LTW is to raise 20 kittens/pups) so I guess we are at max with 4 sims in the house too- aww. :(

                     Here's a glowing Eliza cuddling one of the pups.

Eliza became a child and wanted to learn how to do homework (she hasn't even gone to school yet!), to entertain, talk to and make a friend.

One late Autumn sunny afternoon after school Eliza enjoyed a bit of fun with Harry Hanby in the water wiggler (which Carter got from his good friend Bigfoot). Carter and Sophie are hanging out in the background.

The other reason I love the water wiggler? Because dogs will autonomously (or be directed to) use it to increase their hygiene. :)

and talking of dogs, Maxx here just reached Elder. Remington had him retire from his job.
Maxx was the first puppy Brandi raised to adulthood, and he has currently sired 11 puppies. This week saw Polly, Kiki, Smudge and Frisky born while Ted, Jack, Jill and (after growing up) Polly were adopted out.

Brandi maxed her last skill needed for promotion, but now has a couple of days off- She's currently a Police Chief.

As Winter set in Carter threw a birthday party- he had no wishes to go to college. His brothers Dustin (fresh from honeymoon) and Beau attended.

He grew up and chose Tosha Go (one of his first dates) to grow up with him, but he has no real attraction to her- oh well.

Brandi and Remington are headed to view a house that popped up in the new build zone across the street- their house is getting a bit cramped now so they will be on the move next time.


Brandi- wishes to skill, talk hobby, max body, entertain and play chess.
Brandi was a bit dull this week- although of course with the pets time is consumed quickly by various tasks. She and Remington did enjoy a date when nothing else was rolling.

Remington- still not working as he's taking care of Eliza and the pups- he's heartbroken everytime the pound comes to collect the newly grown up pups that get taken.  Shame about the abduction but I'm still having him stargaze especially in the (short time frame) when there are no puppies due- no luck yet. His wants revolved around Eliza and the pups (and occasionally Brandi!).

Carter- Having dates, juggling and playing on the sofa keep him happy- he also likes to dance- smustle and slap dance. He had his moment of 'why didn't I go to college' after becoming an adult, but it was over in seconds.

Eliza- She is loving helping her dad look after the puppies- she wants to befriend, praise and command them.


  1. Awww I can only think of Remmy's disappointment at not getting an alien baby. Yay @ Carter growing up. If they roll now wishes for Uni, why send them? Makes for more interesting play to have adult sims with 4 wish slots, then a whole hood of Sims with 6 want slots and being WAY to easy to play.

    1. Quite right, and I think in reality there is no way Brandi could afford to send all her kids to Uni. It seems only Knowledge and Fortune really want to go anyway. :)

    2. I think that is the way I am going to play from now on. I am currently in a house with two Uni grads and they are waaaaay to easy to play. Almost *ho hum*. I look forward to playing houses with the un-edu-macated Sims in them. hehe!

  2. Sims are quite interesting characters. Some of them wish for uni off and on, some roll it and never loose it, and other never even roll it. Carter will be fun to have around. :) I like Eliza, she's cute.