Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bruenig- Round 4- House 10

                            In residence- Marsha and Beau (Broke).

                                         Marsha wants a date- I'm locking that quickly!

While Marsha serves up Grilled Cheese in her toasty warm house Beau watches the game.

I decided to take a leaf out of Wen's book and take them to Sue's Kitchen- They stayed here for 5 days while Marsha gave that LTW a good start!

Beau got some cooking lessons from Sue and soon maxed his skill.
He also made several friends over the course of the time.

Don't worry Marsha- now there is just a bit more of you to love.

                                   They had their date.
                               oh, those darn DRAMA professor's! 

I don't know if I encountered some kind of bug but everytime Marsha tried to say goodbye or pay him off he just slapped her again- 
 see? 5 times.... jeez!   He just kept turning up. In the end I locked the front door so he couldn't come in. :D

Inbetween eating GCS's I had Marsha get a job as an Artist- she got to the top after her first shift.
Beau wants to be a sporting hero and get to the top of Athletics, he doesn't find the job/start until Friday. Meantime his secondary asp of Knowledge wants maxed skills- and he got that pretty quickly only having a few left to get.

Because I locked the door the annoying Professor just caught bugs and kept placing jars all over the lot....

                                           Go Marsha!

                                         That'll teach you, now buzz off!

It's nice that Marsha has someone to talk to about her lovely melty, yellow cheese.

    'cos even when they are on a date Beau still doesn't want to talk about it!

                        Hey look, one of them finally spun a want to get married!

                                                             Dum Dum De Dum......
                                         Beau is no longer Broke- now he's Bruenig!

                                                                They do some celebrating....

                                                         Beau hit the top and got his LTW,

                                                         and so did Marsha!

                                    She celebrates in style... lol.


Beau- a good week of skilling, finally finding his job. He wanted to play the violin, talk about hobby, dance with someone, slap dance, win a dance competition and get married.

Marsha- GRILLED CHEEEEEEEEEEESE! Yeah, pretty much that was it- apart from one or two dates. First time I've ever got that LTW done and dusted.

Not sure if she's pregnant yet- we'll find out next time. Here's the score after Round 4 in Pleasantview,

Still lots of Fortune sims but getting a good mix now. I might take a quick hiatus and go start Veronaville for a round or two but then I'll be back. :)


  1. Wow I like the decor in their house. Yippee for getting the wedding wish to spin up!!! I am getting too impatient waiting for it to happen.

  2. Love the grilled cheese house. So much fun. Starting to get some new aspirations, and with 8 toddler/kids around, and more on the way hopefully you'll get more variety. You certainly need more "Pleasure" sims for sure.