Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Caliente- Dina- Round 4- House 3

In residence;-

Dina- Fortune Sim- LTW- Criminal Mastermind
Magnus (her husband),- Fortune Sim- LTW- Chief of Staff
their son
Vito- currently a child.

On entry to the house we got this pop-up,

Of course I said yes as this is about fulfilling my sims wishes, and clearly at the pet shop they had a wish. :)

It's a tabby cat with no (or very small) ears called Midnight. I keep the name.

Dina's main wish of the day was to get this Gold Badge- it's taken forever! She really is a very typical Fortune Sim, she wants to earn money, buy stuff and earn the necessary skills/ friends for promotions.

Magnus had wants to earn money, talk, play and have a party- and so he threw a birthday party for Vito...

Like most teens Vito's initial wishes were to buy a cellphone, mp3 player or handheld. He got a phone and some new clothes.

oh, and a new look! He rolled Knowledge and has an LTW to be Chief of Staff just like his dad. He also wanted to get into private school. Wish granted. Cheer up Vito.

This must be a sturdy sofa 'cos Midnight went at it for several hours while the household was working/schooling and it lived to tell the tale.

Marcus got Midnight a job and started training.

when he wasn't working Midnight was happy leaping for butterflies.

Hey, looks like Risky does work!

Dina uses her career reward to continue skilling whilst Vito searches the skies- he wants to go to college of course and wants to win the alien scholarship.
 Even though I use the Knowledge benefits, I don't pick to 'meet aliens' because I'd rather the game did it for me, then it feels more random and less like cheating.
So no scholarship yet.

Vito has fun with the water toy his Mum made. His wants are pretty easy- skill, do homework, get A+, go to college.

He also gets poop scoop job as Dina can't empty the litter tray whilst pregnant and Marcus always seems to be otherwise occupied- (partying, playing, talking with friends- he's a secret pleasure sim me thinks).

                                Here's the moment of truth....

                                     yowsers... of course there is!

It's a boy and a girl= Arianna and Mario.

Fast forward a day or so, :)

While Dina's out on the late shift Marcus and Vito start teaching skills.

Don't try this at home kids.

(too funny- Vito headed to the sink to wash his face and I never noticed he had a breakout- sometimes the pictures take themselves don't they?). :D

I wondered why Dina jumped out of bed...

then she had her birthday- I totally forgot, the time goes too quick sometimes!

She clearly is an older mother, I guess she just got these babies in time before the cut-off. Let's hope she lives long enough to see them grow up!

Summary;  It seemed quite hard work this week, not with the sims but the wishes didn't change a lot.
This is how Dina ended up pregnant because I had her and Marcus date a few times just to re-spin the wishes.

Dina, main wishes to skill, earn promo's, have the cat get promoted, talk about hobby. She got Gold in Toymaking.
Currently a Smuggler.

Magnus- like Dina limited wishes but the date helped mix it up. He also wanted to train the cat, have it get promoted and praise/command it.
He's currently a Medical Researcher.

Vito- College wants- get skills, get scholarships, see wolves. He'll head to college pretty soon next time.

Twins- still toddlers learning their skills.


  1. Wow a late in life pregnancy. Love it.

  2. I am the same way about the knowledge perk of summon aliens. I don't do it. Yep, Dina got her some 'uh oh I am pregnant when I just thought I was in menopause' babies. lol

  3. Awww...the twins sure are cute. Dina seems like a good mom. I used the "summon aliens" once and the male didn't come back pregnant, because apparently that reduces the chance of it happening. I haven't used it since.