Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Caliente-Nina- Round 4- House 3a

Nina lives here alone. Romance Sim, reached LTW of Woohoo 20 in the last round. Let's see her wants for this time,

Ah, I caught her flirting with the Count when I took Dina to a lot recently, so I guess she lost her desire to get engaged to Don. Oh well, it's early enough to invite the Count over.

                 oh my gosh, you turn your back for one second....

                                             Nina the vampire.

She had a wish to become unvamped, but it span away before she could drink it...

Well you know, her and the Count were busy and they forgot the time!

                            Hey she's smiling, leave her be... :)

Nina went on a date with Robi. She somehow hadn't earned her 'make out with 20' even though she'd woohooed with them, so she called up Nery beforehand and got that wish fulfilled.
what? she's a busy girl!

                                      why the long face Ethan?

                             ah, okay... well you can't please everyone!

 Here was one moment of boredom where Nina decided to wash her windows!

and fulfilled a wish to learn Physiology. (She does have those odd 'normal' wishes).

Nina had a wish to ice-skate- which is odd as there wasn't a rink in Pleasantview...
                                       there is now. :)

                 she headed upstairs to see if anyone new took her fancy,



                                    Public woohoo with this guy,

                                                                          and this guy....

                yes Nina loves getting invitations! But hold on, it's a work night...

                           "Oh I don't think I can make it into work tonight... "

                                                               "cough, splutter, hack........."


         Outing here we come!

    Good job Nina's boss never turns up to these things!

                                  getting friendly with Benjamin!

and more so back home.  How funny is his reflection here?

Nina had another busy week of woohoo!  Risky didn't take off for her, although she used the hot tub a lot (her wishes) so I imagine the hot water has a lesser effect, ;)

On Sunday night I was checking her memories and saw that she'd already exceeded 30 best friends! Go Nina! She's ready to max her reputation and is very close.

                         But Monday morning is here, so it's time to go!

Summary;- Yeah, the Vampire thing was not planned at all. But such is life. Nina still has the Vamprocilin-D in her inventory but hasn't spun the wish to return to normal again- yet.

Her wishes were good, varied and easy- to dance, meet someone new, make friends, date, fall in love.

A great week at Nina's. She's as playful as Don, no wish at all to get engaged or married (but plenty of fears to do so).


  1. Excellent. I always thought Nina would make a good vamp.

  2. I love Nina...I think she is my favorite Sim in Pleasantview. I also love to play the vamps. *jealous* lol!!!!

  3. Nina the vampire, that's awesome. She's very fun this round and I LOVED that picture of the date with the mirror and no Nina. :D