Saturday, 19 May 2012

Dreamer- Round 4- House 5

In residence- (and initial wishes)
Darren (elder)- see relative get married, get in the zone, get bronze fishing, catch fish.
Dirk  (adult)- earn money, play with, swim, tell joke, woohoo.
Lilith (adult)- woohoo, talk, play, smustle, make best friend.
Ripley (child)- grow up, skill, play, catch fish.

As neither Dirk nor Lilith threw wants to get married I took the hint from Darren (and as it turns out- Mary-Sue) to get them hitched.

Lilith wore a beautiful gothy-style dress that really suited her personality, and I matched up Dirk and Ripley in shades of plum red. ;)

As Ripley's wish was to grow up well I bought a cake and got her to the candles.

She grew up well and rolled Knowledge- Her LTW is to become a City Planner- goodie! something new! :D

                                 The party ended on a high!

Darren- the insomniac elder headed to the pond where he soon zoned out and got a Bronze fishing badge.

Most of Darren's wants are nature related, but now Ripley is a teen he wishes to see her get scholarships...

which she is happy to oblige. Being a Knowledge sim college is very high on her list (as in- it hasn't rolled away).

 Ripley bought a new friend home from school, but kept cheating at chess. They were upstairs 'cos Lilith was throwing a party but decided to sneak down later on...

of course the trouble with having a party is that you are so concerned with entertaining your guests inside the house, you don't think who might have snuck outside...

After a serious few moments of panic (well- a lot of my Playables were here!), it turned out to be Ricky Cormier who'd had his cake and eaten it. whew. Sorry Ricky.

The party still rocked but Lilith was a bit off colour the next day... 'too much grape juice?',

           guess not- Lilith is so huge her stomach has his own rings... :D

                    Phil's ghost came out- but why is he mad at Jacques?

                                     he's such a little cutie!

Phil had to settle for scaring Darren- which is good, as Darren wants to see a ghost- except of course when you want him to want to see a ghost!

                        Welcome to the newest Dreamer- she's Lily.

If you recall, Dirk's LTW is to be top of the Oceanography career (Hand of Poseidon), but after nearly 2 weeks back home it still hadn't come up, and so he took a job in the Adventurer career where his degree boosted his level and a chance card got him to the top very quickly.

Dirk had a wish to buy a vacation home, and with his new promotions soon had the funds to buy a little house in Twikkii Island.

Darren agreed to stay home and babysit Lily while Ripley joined Lilith and Dirk at the holiday home,

They added some personal touches to the home and enjoyed a good few days at the Island before returning home.

                             Finally Dirk found his career path!

             and Ripley rolled up a wish to get into private school,
                             which she will attend- next time!

Summary- wow, a great week at the Dreamer house where so much went on this was just a small part of it. (I really think it's my favourite household to play).

Darren- Darren had a great week of skilling, badge gaining and fulfilling his wishes- he also got sick after work, but being Family (secondary) was able to make soup which 'melted his sickness away'. ;)
Lots of different wishes, stargaze, skill, find bugs, birdwatch, gain badge, talk to, make friend, praise Jacques, Ripley gets scholarship.

Dirk- wishes to blog, praise and train Jacques, stargaze, talk about hobby, max all skills (which he did) get a job- that's why I picked Adventure- then promo and reach the top of it. Buying the holiday home then visiting it.

Lilith- Daily wishes similar- blog about music and dance, smustle, slap dance, talk hobby, play, make friends/best friends, entertain for tips, go on an Island holiday (this came up for her just before Dirk's wish to buy the vacation home- guess they are on a similar level).

Ripley- after growing up mainly skill based wants, but also wanting to train, praise and command Jacques as well as taking a hike, fishing, see wolves and get into private school. Funnily her one true hobby is sport but she throws up nature wishes- a lot.

Lily- still a baby.
Great week here- loved it!


  1. Loved Lilith's wedding dress. :) Gorgeous. Ripley makes for a pretty alien. Some of them..are, well... O_o. Hehehe a vacation home! And just to think how poor the Dreamers are when first opening the lot. Yay @ Cormier getting consumed by the cowplant. For some reason that Sim just rubs me the wrong way. Great round!

    1. lol, yes I did breathe a sigh of relief when I saw it was Ricky! Another thing that happened was that Darren lost all their money (43k at the time) in a bad chance card- I think that's when Dirk spun up the wish to get a job, haha. So it worked out well. :D

  2. Oh man, this house was fun. I LOVED how Ricky got eaten by the cow plant, too funny. I know most simmers don't like him too well. I don't mind him in Breeze Point, but he did end up glitching going into uni and so rolled an aspiration of Family. I really liked Lilith's dress too.