Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Goth- Round 4- House 2

In Residence;-
Cassandra Goth- LTW- to be Captain Hero
Nicholas Goth- Cassandra's hubby.
Their kids,
Samantha (kid) and toddler twins Campbell and Hans.

Upon entry to the house both Cassandra and Nicholas have similar wants (and fears)- have a baby- fear having a baby. LOL.

At this juncture I should tell you that I have added Risky Woohoo to the game- for a bit of variety you know.

They get down to it but I heard no chimes (and as yet haven't found where to silence the chimes, is that a separate hack?)

Once Nicholas has told an 'Inside Joke', his wishes change, and Cassandra is more interested in finishing her body skill- she wants that promo you know!

So Nicholas helps one of his boys with his toddler skills.

Cassandra finally flexes her flexibility and gets top marks.

The activity table is a great way for the kids to become friends, and skill!

Cassandra had a wish for a sewing table and gets to work before work.

hmm, honesty is the best policy right?

Yes it was! But this is the point in the game where I think, "hmm, was it worth all the friendship making and skilling when you were just gonna promote me through a chance card anyway?". 
Cassandra could have been making more babies with her hubby- but now it's too late- she's too old. Hey ho.

LTW achieved!

It's birthday time and Samantha became a teen- she rolled...
ROMANCE- yeah! LTW- become a Rock God(ess).  Nice.

The boys become kids and someone rolled a want for a Mountain Vacation- fresh pine air- here we come!

They camped for a night and enjoyed fishing, where Hans caught a golden trout.

Samantha was more interested in finding local talent, this guy seemed nice but rejected her flirting. (Maybe 'cos her Mum was standing right there).

Poor Nicholas got conned out of some simoleons- shame there isn't an option for another family member to call the police, or kick the con artist's butt. heh.

Later on while the family was eating al fresco I found Samantha autonomously flirting with this guy.... then,

everybody say 'awww'.
Yeah, I love it when my Sims pick their own partners- or in Samantha's case- one of them. :D

Samantha got to watch the boys while their parents' had some 'me' time.

Not knowing much about 'Risky' I wasn't sure if it would work whether a sim is of age or not- but I'm guessing Cassandra is just too old to have babies. Oh well- c'est la vie.
Cassandra instructed Samantha to make sure they had a healthy lunch-

'Yeah- right, like that's gonna happen'.

Back home after the vacation and Nicholas (finally) wanted to get a job! He asked for the Architecture career- and he got it. He's a cement mixer today- hah.

1 lousy skill point for that effort? sheesh!

My favourite part of holiday benefits is the enormous boost in badge gaining! Cassandra can now help Samantha with her makeover...

Gothy but girly, we're liking it.

As if this week couldn't get any busier- Hans threw up a want for a puppy- here's Grizzle being delivered!

Grizzle grew up about an hour after his arrival, which made the day a little easier! Training here we go!

While one trained the dog, the other trained himself.

and we finish the week wishing Cassandra a happy birthday!


What a week!  Ok,
Cassandra- Got Gold Badge in Sewing- became Captain Hero- got her LTW.
Wishes, to max skill, play, give gifts, talk, entertain, sew project, taught toddler skills.

Nicholas- also got Gold Sewing badge- got job in Architecture.
Wishes- Vacation, entertain, skill, tell inside jokes, learned Fire Safety, taught toddler skills.

Samantha- Grow up well. Talk, play, get A+, do homework.
Once a teen- first kiss (locked that before the vacay!), have date, make out, eat grilled cheese (yep- random).

I had Samantha invite two guys from the Mountains to stay (for dates), she currently has 2 loves and wants 3.

Twins- Normal toddler skills, hugs, etc.
As Kids- Hans wanted the puppy, now wants to train, praise, command. Other wishes to play, joke and eat grilled cheese.

Campbell- max mechanical skill, play, joke, eat grilled cheese, learned Anger Management.

A nice week here at the Goth's- shame about Risky but Cassandra really was too old- I could've elixired her, but I don't do that. :D


  1. Cassandra raised herself a romance sim. How perfect. Love the red & black dress.

    And yes the silent pregnancy is a separate hack...that I don't remember where you find. Sorry.

  2. I believe you simply install an extra file to get the silent chimes. Go back to MTS2 where you downloaded Risky and you should see it there for download.

    But OMG what a funny entry. You must be taking comedienne pills. You made me laugh all the way thru it!!!

  3. Such a fun round. The kids are really cute and I LOVE Samantha's dress, very cute. The vaca looks like it was fun. :)