Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lothario- Round 4- House 1

Back at Don Lothario's place,

Here's our Don, he's a Rock God which was his LTW.  Upon returning to the house he currently has a wish to woohoo 20, so I'm locking that.

As a side note, Don's new LTW is to be a Celebrity Chef, and luck was with him although he doesn't start his shift as a Waiter until later.

Also, I gave Don Pleasure for a secondary aspiration. Fitting I think.

So the first thing Don did after taking a quick shower was to call for the matchmaker. She fixed him up with Ericka Sartor- a college kid.

It took a while for her to warm up to Don- see her wants? Do assignment? Really?! You're on a date with the hottest guy in Pleasantview- hello!

Don knows how to show a girl a good time, and I'd forgotten how much the Karaoke machine makes me laugh. That was a date gift from someone or other.

The date ended well and Don fulfilled his wishes for the day.

He went off to work a happy bunny and got promoted to Prep Cook, which gave him the career reward he badly needs- he's not had time to skill much if you know what I mean.

The next morning he had a date with Allison, followed in the afternoon by a date with Kaylynn.

Kaylynn of course wanted to be wined and dined, but no sooner were they seated than Nina turned up and made a scene.

                             Then stood and stared at them all through their meal...

Back home and they carried on their date- love the expression on Don's face here! Kaylynn being a family sim wants to get engaged to Don- but he's having none of that,

See? This is during their date- he clearly enjoys their dates but has a 'slight' fear of commitment. :D

He next enjoyed a date with Candice, a downtownie he'd met a while ago. A few phone calls and she was happy to accept a date- and smart glasses did the rest.

                He and Jordan- the Diva, had fun with Karaoke and more...

The matchmaker gave him his first Elder date, she's Michelle the npc Landlady. Both dates the Matchmaker have given him have first launched into skipping... most odd.

              If you've been keeping count then Michelle is number 19.

As their date ended Don got invited downtown by Jordan... so off he goes.
They went to the Lulu lounge, where they woohooed in the hot tub, got battered a bit by Miss Crumplebottom and they had to keep shooing people out of the hot tub, I swear Dora Ottomas stayed in the tub the whole time. It was creepy.


Don ordered Chinese food when he got back.  Jeez! Have you ever seen a Sim not use chopsticks before? Either he scarfed it down because he was starving or he just eats that way because he's a slob. Either way- pretty funny.

 My sims never have Chinese food as it makes them fat really quickly- which is odd really as all the Chinese people I know are really slim. Just sayin'.

Here's something else I've never seen- both Don's dates bringing gifts at the same time!

Double prizes! That's a DJ booth from Jordan and a tv from Michelle- thanks ladies!

        Don enlists the help of the matchmaker again for 'lucky number 20'.

It's another young adult, this is Sharlene. Don got a big boost from 'making out with 20 sims'.

and his woohoo 20 is complete. Shame you don't get a memory for that unless it's for a Life Time Want.

So by now it's Friday, and Don has the weekend to kill.  He's still working hard and on Saturday brings home a friend. He has a wish to ask a sim on a date....

Why is an ex-lover always walking by when that happens?! He's still picking up the trash from Nina booting over his bin...

It's kind of funny how the 'date' never reacts when he's being slapped by someone else though. Number 21. Just 'cos. Her name is Joy.

 On Sunday Don rolled up a want for public woohoo. With so many lovers I don't even pick one. I take him to a lot and see who is there, 'cos you know there will always be at least one.
There were 3 here- Christy, Melissa and Nina (who is still mad). Luckily Nina and Melissa were out of range.

Don didn't go home with anyone. He went by himself. Yessir.

But he invited Nina around- a few smart glasses later and all was forgiven. See how he likes their date? He practically starved himself making it up to her.  Oh look- Nina has a want to get engaged- not Don though, nope. Shame. All those women. I guess he's not the settling down type.


Don didn't throw up many different wishes- so dating kept him happy. His main wishes were to meet someone new, make a best friend, public woohoo and go on a date. Only at the end of the week did a few 'pleasure type' things roll- such as juggle, play on sofa. He's currently an Executive Chef.

As Don clears up the trash before we leave him on Monday morning he has a wish to have a sterling reputation,- you can see he's close-.

Well, he certainly has some kind of reputation! His adult days are going to be over next time, I wonder if he'll want to settle down when he's old?


  1. Don being Don. Nothing is better.

  2. hahaha! Loved this entry. I think the restaurant where Nina got mad and slapped him is the same one where she caught him in my game. Botanical Gardens? You got some good pics of Don! Loved it!

  3. Good ol' Don. He doesn't really change in your game. He's rolled up marriage wishes in other blogs I've seen, but here he's clearly happy just dating. That's like my Denis Marzena in Breeze Point. :)