Thursday, 24 May 2012

Oldie/Hanby- Round 4- House 7

In residence and initial wishes,

Lucy (adult), max cooking skill, talk, entertain, skill, serve food.
Harry (child), talk about hobby, homework help, play, talk, fish.
Alvin (child), talk about hobby, catch bass, entertain, be swung, homework help.

 Ex maid Lucy Hanby had a fling with Herb Oldie, and produced their son Harry. She also adopted a son Alvin last time.

Busy with her LTW of reaching the top of Culinary and running a home bakery, Lucy was happy to get a big aspiration boost when she maxed Cooking. She is energizing this week- a lot.

Her boys have been very easy to keep happy, they like to chat, play and fish as well as skill.

Lucy was soon improving her sales technique.

and on the third day of opening her business she'd got rank 3.

There was a bit more of an improvement when she got her Bronze register badge- so far no customers had stormed off but it was nice to be served that little bit quicker.

Lucy earned rank 4 the next day, as well as learning to Dazzle her customers.

She also got the Best of the Best award.

Harry became a teen and rolled....
Fortune (dammit!)- LTW to become The Law.

Harry of course wanted to buy stuff as all teens do and so Lucy took them to the local store.
Who knew that Andrea Hogan would be Lucy's boss' cousin?! She promised a promotion next time Lucy goes to work, which is later today...;)

Harry's initial wishes were to get into Private school, and so the Headmaster came over.

Alvin grew up during the visit and helped his brother with the tour and dinner as Lucy was at work.
They got accepted.
oh! Alvin rolled FAMILY!  Something new! yay. He wants 6 grandchildren! :)

Hey it worked! Just as well because Lucy didn't have enough skills yet to reach the top of Culinary- she'd been too busy with the Bakery. 
I see that Alvin wants to go to college- that will probably roll away soon- his brother certainly does want to go and his hasn't rolled away.

The last day of the week was a family effort in the Bakery and it reached Rank 5.

Lucy got in the zone while preparing her delicious offerings.

Alvin of course wants a first kiss, but Sophie isn't putting out yet... they enjoyed a 'good date' though. He had the most attraction to her (but hasn't met Meadow yet...heh).


Lucy- very hard work running a home bakery! Lucy didn't sleep all week, was energized and spent all her time baking when the place was closed, and serving when it was opened.
Christy (her employee) is very good actually, she got silver in restocking and never complains.
Lucy did get her 5 wishes a day- they varied- she wanted a good review, to improve badges and more general wishes like 'meet someone new' and 'make best friend'.

Harry and Alvin-  Both easy to keep happy as kids, wishes to talk, fish, play, entertain and be friends.
As teens, Harry wants to go to college, buy phone, jewellery, reach next skill level and now get bronze sales badge.

Alvin- just been a teen for the one day, so he wanted to talk, flirt and go on date- so he did! :)


  1. that is something I have never done, a home bakery. Kudos!!!!

  2. Congrats on your business success. I love the unearned promotions. Those are the best.

  3. The bakery is really cool, I like it. The kids are cute. Alvin reminds me a lot of Alvin Marzena in Breeze Point, except that Alvin is darker skin tone. :)