Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pleasant- Round 4- House 6

In residence & initial wishes;-

Daniel (elder)- Have Grandchild, blog Arts & Crafts, sew a project, have date, play marco polo.
Mary-Sue (elder)- Have Grandchild, buy painting, talk hobby, play marco polo and make pottery.
Angela (adult)- Max nature hobby, have party, smustle, slow dance, talk hobby.
Alexander (adult)- Tell inside joke, buy piano, win a dance competition, smustle, blog hobby.
Amaya (toddler)- skill, be played with/talked to/snuggled, grow up well.

    With such a face of concentration Alexander couldn't fail to win the dancing competition!

   Mary-Sue and Daniel got their wishes fulfilled for the day and ended up with a game of Marco Polo.

Just as the cops came to bust up Angela's party (the spoilsports) she showed a pregnancy, thanks Risky! Hopefully Daniel and Mary-Sue will live long enough to get their grandchild wish fulfilled.

When Amaya grew up she rolled a wish to perform on the microphone- something I haven't seen before. Perhaps sometimes you actually need the item in the house for Sims to spin up the wish to use it. I tend to keep them in college homes/dorms.

Alexander threw up a wish to buy a Toy bench and in a fairly short space of time he'd got a Silver badge.

                                           Angela got in the zone.

Daniel helped Amaya with her homework and later helped her earn Charisma, Creativity and Body using the career rewards. It's also Autumn so skilling has been rife in the house anytime a sim has spun a wish.

My usual method of play is to have my Elder male sims retire at 70, and females at 65. So Daniel did. (Mary-Sue can't as she hasn't got TOC career yet!).

Poor Angela passed out from heat exhaustion but luckily Alexander was on hand to douse her with water. Later that day...

        A new Pleasant arrived- he's called Adam.  Daniel spent the day/and night with him.

       But the next day aged 71 he slipped his mortal coils and left this simlife.

                           Daniel left a nice inheritance for the rest of the family.

There were a lot of tears shed but Mary-Sue maxed a skill in time to go to work and thus came home top of her field.

Angela got her gold in gardening and then set about going for a new career (she got fired last time after reaching TOC in Law Enforcement), and her new wish is to become an Education Minister.

Alexander too went out of Paranormal (his 2nd career- first was to become The Law), and into Adventure.

                     2nd LTW achieved for both. (Being graduates helps!)

Mary-Sue threw herself into looking after Amaya and Adam, lots of wishes to skill, but also train Adam and talk/play with Amaya.

After Daniel died both Amaya and Angela rolled wishes to adopt a kitten, and so they did- this is Pippy.

Pippy was only a kitten for a day and so Amaya spent the weekend training her.

as well as having fun in the pool with her dad.

Mary-Sue's days are numbered now and so we'll find out just by how many, next time!


Daniel- wishes this week- get grandchild, to learn physiology, parenting, to blog, sew project, date, tell inside jokes. Daniel never wished to retire (I don't think I've ever seen a sim wish for it- apart from Olive Specter in Strangetown) but I wanted him to enjoy his last day with little Adam.

Mary-Sue- got top of career, get grandchild, play chess, play water polo, talk hobby, sell masterpiece.

Angela- Throw party, make best friend, go hiking, catch bugs, meet someone new, get kitten, have baby (she actually spun it just before the birth- she's Family as secondary).

Alexander- Toymaking badges, play pc, talk hobby, play chess, woohoo, sell masterpiece.

Amaya- to have homework help, get A+, get kitten, train and command Pippy, perform on microphone, talk hobby, be swung, do homework.

Adam- usual toddler wishes- play/talk with/snuggle, learn skills.


  1. Wow what a productive round! Lots of badges and TOCs to go around for everybody. Adam and Amaya are cutie pies.

  2. Goodbye Daniel. We'll miss you.

  3. Aww...bye bye Daniel. I've certainly had sims wish to retire, but I have no idea if that's typical of a specific aspiration or not, but I haven't seen it. I have not seen that "preform on microphone" wish though. Fun to see wishes I never saw before.