Thursday, 31 May 2012

Terrano- Round4- House 9

In residence;-

Dustin (formerly Broke) and

When we left last time the happy couple had just returned from their honeymoon in Twikkii Island.

Initial wishes both revolve around Nature, but look, Stella wants to continue the honeymoon!


Stella is at work as a Game Designer- her 2nd LTW is to become a Media Magnate, but Journalism hasn't yet showed up.

Dustin meanwhile had completed his 2nd career LTW and is waiting on finding the next- Criminal.

On his days off he likes to party with his brothers and former dormies.

                                         He just loves to pull pranks.

If you thought he looked different that's because I gave him a new 'do and clothing- he didn't seem impressed. Ungrateful!

                                          Skilling the easy way!
                      The pleasure side of Stella likes to juggle- it's a quick fix.

I had one morning where nothing could be satisfied so I had to buy a car- you can see they both wanted it.

                                Then they rolled for a date and more.........;)

These young lovers want to start a family, but so far nothing appears to be happening.

                                                 They'll just have to keep trying.

                                          Dustin hit gold in Gardening.

          He and Stella both found their next careers. Dustin got a nice bonus....

                         and soon reached the top of his 3rd career/LTW.

Stella finally got pregnant, now we just have to wait another 9 houses until we find out what she has!


Good week for the Terrano's, lots of parties, friends and wishes fulfilled.

Dustin- nature related;- hunt bugs, catch butterflies/fireflies, birdwatch, plant seed.
Also during parties to influence other sims and play pranks. He won a cooking competition this week (he had 4 out of 7 days off work), wanted to buy jewellery, talk about hobby and make friends.
Dustin went from Criminal to Politics- he wants to be Mayor next!

Stella- same nature related wants as Dustin. Also to woohoo, blog, play pinball (the Gaming career reward fulfills that), buy car, juggle, have date. (They had 2 or 3). During the party she attended she wanted to influence a sim to serve food.

Next up it's The Bruenig's!


  1. Love love love eggplant juice. ;) Also like the pepper punch energy. :) Wow Dustin sure looks different with the new 'do. Yay a new baby on the way! Wonder if it will be green?

  2. Aww....another new little baby soon. I love how sims tend to want to "influence" people at parties. :)