Saturday, 30 June 2012

Caliente, Dina- Round 5- House 3

Dina's initial wishes are to reach the top of the Criminal career (which is also her LTW), to invite Dustin over so she can play with him, and for Midnight the cat to get a promotion.

Her husband Magnus wants to reach the top of his career in Medicine (his LTW too), to hustle at pool, get fit and have his cat get promoted. Fortune sims! (rolls eyes).

Their eldest son Vito the Knowledge sim wants to get skills and go to college, see Midnight get a promotion and get himself fit.

The 'risky' twins Arianna and Mario who appeared as Dina was just approaching old age want to be cuddled/talked to/played with and sung to by their parents, as well as wanting to grow up well.

 Dina has all the skills/friends she needs for a promotion- she just has to wait for her shift to roll around and so spends her time with the twins teaching them skills and getting to be best friends with them. (For routing ease I used the room dividers and plonked 2 cots downstairs- the family will have to move next round- they need more space).

Vito reached the top of teen career and bagged himself another scholarship.

                                   He's happy working on his skills.

                      Midnight got a promotion and everyone is happy!

The twins became kids- they both cheat terribly at chess! I have to get them to play singularly to skill or it takes too long with them constantly accusing (and rightly so!) each other.

Marcus got his promotion. His new LTW is to become a Rock God. That's more suited to his 'Mr Big' personality. He finds the job straight away on the computer and starts the next day.

Dina forgot what an awful cook she is and set fire to the kitchen. Good job Marcus was there to save the day.

The next day she finally went to her shift and got promoted! It took her so long to get this LTW, I may or may not go for the next- I think it was 'have 6 pets reach TOC'. :D

Magnus is training Midnight in other commands. She was in the showbiz career but after reaching the top she's now moved into security, where she was fired the first day thanks to a chance card but got back in for the next shift.

Mario and Arianna have friends over after school where they enjoy a game of 'Don't wake the Llama'. Arianna is 'Gaming' orientated as a hobby while Mario, like his brother is into fitness.

and as soon as Vito maxed his body skill he headed off to college as it was all he wanted to do.

Vito moved in with Hans Goth, where they invited Lucas Burb out of the dorm to join them and he spent his first semester sorting out his major and settling in. Lucas is already in his Sophomore year and others may join the house this round if they so desire it when I get to their turn!

Arianna celebrated her first A+, she's quite grumpy but very outgoing and active.

                 Magnus is working on creativity for his promotion....

                      He had a chance card I'd never seen before....

                             Glad to say he picked the right one!

                     He celebrated his birthday later that day.

around the same time that I noticed Dina had completed her Lifetime Aspiration benefits panel!

When she's in need of a quick fix she always wants to sell Lemonade!

As the weekend began the twins invited friends over and played dress up. They had a fun game of The Princess and the Dragon.

Magnus finished a great week by completing his second Lifetime want!


Dina- wanted to reach TOC, also wanted to blog hobby (Arts and Crafts). Her 'true hobby' is Nature- she has a Bronze in Gardening. Next week in her new house I hope to get that to Gold. She had 'little' wants this week- to blog, talk to sim, have cat get promoted, praise cat, command cat, sell lemonade. She had a random want to buy a hot spring, so worth 4,000 asp points I locked that for when she moves. :)

Magnus- probably the star of the week- 2 promotions, taught Midnight at least 3 commands. Had wishes to talk about hobby, sell lemonade, get skills (for promotions) and invite his friends over to talk/play/dance etc.

Vito- all he wanted were skills and college- so I did one to get the other. He's maxed 3 skills and has 8/9 in all the rest.

Mario and Arianna- usual toddler wants, as kids they wanted to praise and command Midnight, to make friends, make and sell lemonade, get A+'s and talk about their hobbies.

This entire family seem Fortune orientated- it'll be interesting to see what the twins roll when they turn teens next time.

Next house is the Vampire Nina Caliente!

oh! On a quick note of that- whilst checking through Dina's phone book to make a new friend (she now has at least 12 of her own) I noticed that Mary Gavigan is now a vampire!  eek- I have no idea when that happened or who turned her. heh.


  1. Very fruitful week. I think fortune sims are so funny wishing for pets to get promoted. OOh, how nice, a surprise vamp! Huzzah!

  2. Great job on LTWs! I don't know how you do it. LOL on tucking surprise babies wherever you can! And how do you get such pretty college boys? Are they all yours or townies? I may get a new face template. I'm tired of ugly Uni boys.

    1. The college boys in that pic are all playables, it's Vito Caliente, Hans Goth and Lucas Burb.
      I do though have replacement templates (from MATY), which give some nice new features- which obviously will affect future townies. I've used them in other hoods and it's nice to have different looking sims. :)

  3. Vito really wanted Uni I guess. I love how different sims can be. Sometimes they act just like their aspiration and other times they do something totally unexpected. I love when adults/elders wish to sell lemonade. :)