Saturday, 30 June 2012

Goth- Round 5- House 2

Welcome back to The Goth's!

Cassandra wants to max her hobby in Art & Crafts and get in the zone, she also wants to see a ghost and play with Don, and flirt with Don! (I've no idea where that came from!).

her husband Nicholas wants to get level 9 in logic, then invite his friend Jessica Picasso over and play with/entertain her.

Their Romance orientated daughter Samantha shows a want for college (odd)- to see Marsha Bruenig's ghost?!... and to be best friends and sneak out with one of her friends she met on holiday last time.

Ok.. so I checked Samantha's friend status and she has minus 100 with both Beau and Marsha Bruenig. Hmm... Samantha was there at Sue's Kitchen a lot when Marsha was eating her way through 200 grilled cheese sandwiches... I wonder if Samantha is jealous about that? I don't recall any fights- maybe she didn't like them taking all the Head Chef's time up. :D

Twins Hans and Campbell have wishes for A+'s. Hans wants to praise and play with his dog Grizzle as well as Grow up well. Campbell wants to get skill level 5 in creativity (he maxed mechanical last round) and invite a friend over to play.

So Cassandra invited Don over and played with him. Luckily (as Kaylynn the maid chose that moment to enter the lot), the 'flirt' want rolled away and was replaced with admire/entertain/ etc etc. Job done- go home Don. :)

It didn't take Cassandra long to get in the zone either, and she now wants to max creativity and sell a masterpiece.

It's hard for Nicholas to get his skills when Mortimer is intent on scaring him- a lot! I took him inside to the chess table to finish off... I do love the added 'danger' of the telescope and possible abduction though! Didn't happen, :(

Samantha got herself a blind date with her parents unlimited funds... heh.

Having now had lots of experience with Romance sims I have Samantha meet someone new every day, befriend them and work up to best friends as soon as possible! (It's pretty much her wishes anyway).

The twins play Mary Mack in the snow- how funny is this picture?! That snow is deep.

Later that day they grew up! Cute, but I've no idea where Campbell's bumpy ol' nose came from! Campbell rolled Pleasure (Lifetime want- 50 first dates- yikes!), and Hans rolled Family- (Lifetime want- graduate 3 kids from college).

Cassandra had an opportunity for an outing and so took the newly teenaged boys with her to meet and greet. Hans there is meeting Sharlene something-or-other, she was Don Lothario's 20th 'woohoo'... :)

Samantha brought David Ottomas home from work and then asked him on a date- what a gooey look on his face!

In between the fun though the family get down to serious skills and homework. Nicholas is working his way through the Architecture career. I didn't get the boys teen jobs as they didn't spin wishes for one.

Hans got Grizzle a job and set about teaching him some new skills. Cassandra in the background getting back to Floristry (which she started in round 1- heh).

There she goes. She makes some snapdragons to put by everyone's beds- I love that they can get up in the morning and get straight on with whatever rather than wasting time bathing/eating.  (This is a household too busy for the mundane!).

Campbell took a fancy to Ginger Newson and asked her on a date...

During the date he wanted to 'go steady' with her... so I obliged. It can only end in heartbreak eh? 

His twin, Hans (although a Family sim) has got a college want- even when I take him off lot it doesn't roll away. I figure if it's still there at the weekend then I'll send him. Meantime I'm getting him skilled up for some scholarships just in case- he wants skills a lot anyway in between training Grizzle. Samantha and Campbell have no college wishes- Samantha did at the start of this round but it rolled away.

     Cassandra and Nicholas woke up one day with the wish to kiss... :)

Samantha had a good group outing at the local roller park, although I don't think Lucy Burb that skating whilst pregnant is really that good for Don's baby! Hey ho... Samantha met Orlando there and they later enjoyed a date.

                    It's amazing the gossip that store clerks' will tell you! (Was it Don? Was it, was it... ??!)

For a minute there I thought I was back in Veronaville! But it's just the Pleasant (or not so) sisters having a fight out back... Angela won- this time!

I'm trying to get some more hobby plaques, but I think it'll be next round- Campbell is close to maxing Tinkering and Samantha has a few options- Music & Dance being her favourite.

On Sunday morning we bid farewell to Hans, who still had the college wish and wouldn't roll anything else! Off he goes...

and here he is with his college look. I didn't add him to the dorm (where Lucas Burb is) but had him rent a small place. (Am finding the dorm a big laggy).

The rest of the family went on an outing- Campbell here getting an upside down view of the world...

Back home and he asked for a date using the funds from the bank of mum and dad... :D

                          Yep... she's cute... he's happy to date her.

 While his sister is dating George the store clerk.
 At the same time.
OMG- have you had 2 dates going at the same time?! Nightmare! lol. I kept forgetting to switch back and forth and had to cancel out a few 'near misses'... heh.

Before the round ends I must show you that Cassandra maxed her Lifetime Aspiration metre!

                           She also got a 50K handout from work!

Samantha here had a wish for (and earned) a sterling reputation. Must be all those dates... :)

and Nicholas celebrated his elder birthday! He and Beau Bruenig had been playing marco polo just before, incase you were wondering. ;)


What a week! Took me 3 days to play the week at their house.

Cassandra- 3 big milestones achieved with Gold in Floristry, maxing Arts & Crafts and reaching the top of her lifetime aspiration metre.

Cassandra's daily wants have been much the same, sew a project (she got gold last time), blog arts and crafts, kiss, entertain, talk hobby. Her and Nicholas did fit one date in this week too!

Nicholas- daily wishes- skill, sew project, blog arts and crafts, talk hobby, serve food.
He (and Cassandra actually) both had wishes for Hans to get scholarships (not Campbell funnily enough), and when he'd got one, they both wanted him to go to college.

Samantha- daily wishes to meet someone new, make friend/bf/bff, ask on date, play, talk. I think including her date with George that she now has 5 loves. (She had 4 dates this week). She has a teen job in Rock- as she now has only a few days left until adulthood and that's her LTW.

Campbell- Will he get 50 first dates? eeps- that's a lot of work... I'll have to get some tips from Rachel. :D
He's happy on dates so far- also rolled the want to buy a trainset (which I just did- so he's working on that hobby plaque!). Nice to see new things spin.

Hans- The college want was weird- I would've called him a Knowledge kid as all he wanted were skills, but he's highly outgoing so maybe he yearns for a greek house? We'll see. I didn't want to deprive him his wants. :)

Grizzle- level 2 of his job, just has to finish learning to play dead (my favourite trick to watch them learn- cracks me up). :D

(oh- just a bit of info- I added all the other bin families to empty lots with just a phone/pc back at the start of round 1. They are up high on the hill out of the way, and more importantly, out of the family bin where they are of no use).  


  1. I have thought about doing the same...putting all the bin families in lots. Makes sense, they come home as play dates/co workers with playables.

    1. Yes absolutely Wen! That's why I did it as it's so frustrating that you can't contact them.
      Right up on the hill are several empty spaces for lots, I plonked down a few and merged the families so as to empty the bins. I have 3 or 4 lots with the families on, like I said, just a pc and a phone. :)

  2. Wow, -100? That usually only happens with couples caught cheating! Wonder what's up with that? So the Pleasant sisters fight all the time? Cool. Hey, just a heads up, George has tons of skill points if you send him to college. I just finished him up in my game (haven't blogged it yet). He maxed almost every one.

    1. Thanks for that, I don't recall either of them cheating, but in this 'hood, who knows?! haha. Yes, Angela and Lilith always fight, at one point during their teen years they made up but as soon as they went to college they became enemies again. I'll remember that about George- most NPC's have a very good set of skills if I recall. :)

  3. Nice round here. I have learned that 50 1st Dates can be pretty easy as long as you "Say Goodbye" to end the date. Then, even if it's only going so-so you don't typically get the drop on score for ending it early.