Saturday, 30 June 2012

Lothario-Round 5- House 1

If you remember when we left Don last time it was to enjoy his last day of adulthood.
His current wishes are to make best friends with Caryl, hustle at the pool table, have a sterling reputation and play on the sofa.

Don of course also has to work. He does so and comes home to find his trash can knocked over once again.

I think Marylena is the culprit. Last time I recall she walked by as he was smooching with someone else.  The old 'smooth talk' works instantly to vanish any furiousness. I love that!

Don celebrated his birthday with the lovely Lilly Do- a walkby who he asked on a date.

Dream date was locked in and it soon became dreamy. You can see Don is an eternal bachelor with no intentions of settling down, ever.
During their date I noticed that his 'get sterling reputation' had gone- so he fulfilled it by befriending Lilly.

Hmm, once again Don found his trash knocked over. Oh look, there's Nina dropping off a gift- oh yes, they dated last round, :)

A telescope? hmm, not very 'datey'. Ah well. Don's backpack is full of stereos/vases/karaoke and a couple of DJ booths.

When all else fails to fulfill Don's wishes he has a date. I try and make different friends each round so he has a plentiful supply. One of his daily wishes is usually to meet someone new anyway.
Professor Tracy Vijayakar is the next date.

Halfway through the week Don enjoyed a dream date with Yusun here. She looks a lot like one of his other conquests... I hope they aren't duplicating!

Yusun later called and invited Don on an outing. He got pretty lucky that no-one he knows (well!) was there. He's already pinpointed Marisa to be his next best friend.

                                         He had the urge....!

On a different night he went in for a flirt with Countess Raha, but didn't see Brandi Le Tourneau coming....

It's a good job he has a neverending supply of roses!

This was the other culprit behind the trash episode. I'd forgotten that Caryl had caught him in flagrante with Lucy Burb. heh. Another day, another rose...

Talking of roses... Rose Dai here actually wanted to marry Don. But he didn't want to marry her. (shocker). I've never noticed before but her eyebrows are blonde. Bit of random trivia there. :D

because sometimes you have the urge to prank, and only Kaylynn was available... :)

Countess Beverly Raha was another date- a bit dangerous as I kept thinking she might bite Don, but he kept her occupied.

I had Don start to work on a hobby plaque- he was quite high in cooking as his job in Culinary demands it and so he set to work reviewing restaurants.

On Friday Don reached the top of his Lifetime Aspiration metre!

                                           and got the memory too!

On Saturday he reached the top of his 2nd career. He's now a Celebrity Chef. He bought a new friend home as well. It was too late for a date but he had wishes to talk about hobby and play catch with her which finished off his 5 that day.

                              On Sunday he wanted to serve food,

and he finally dated Marisa!  Oh, did I mention that his new LTW is to have 50 dream dates? (That'll be his secondary of Pleasure kicking in!). Marisa here is number 26 if my calculations are correct.
As soon as they'd dated he spun the wish to have '30 first dates'- I've locked that for next time!

Summary- Another great week in my favourite bachelor's home. Don got to level 9 of his hobby, so hopefully inbetween dating he can max out and get In the Zone next time.

Daily wishes- to meet someone new and talk hobby were constants. Other wants to have bf's and bff's, ask sim on date, play catch, serve food. Quite varied which is typical of Don really.


  1. Wow I never realized Sims got a memory from topping out their aspiration meter. I have several in my Pleasantview that qualify. I should fix that.

  2. Thanks for the tip about 'smooth talking'! Do the roses come with that, or is that a 'free time' thing? I don't have that yet, but seeing others play it makes me think it's worth it. I've been worried it would make my game lag more.

    1. Yes the roses are part of the 'smooth talk' action. :) I've never had a problem with Free Time lag, just make sure you patch your game. :)

  3. Gotta love that Smooth Talk. I'm excited to get to Pleasant View in my mega hood 5 wishes....they should be fun, but the rest of them are fun too. :)