Friday, 6 July 2012

Broke- Round 5- House 4

Welcome to the new Broke house, it's just across the road from their old one but has a larger yard out back and more room inside.

Initial wishes were for fridge/toilet etc because I am silly sometimes and forgot to backpack all those things. *rolls eyes*.

The household did have a genie lamp in their backpack and so Remington used it for simoleons to get some furnishings.

         Kiki, Smudge and Frisky became adults and were sent off to the adoption pool.

Abbey and Maxx tried for another puppy- this will probably be their last litter as Abbey is almost an elder now.

Brandi's 3rd son Carter went on an outing where he fell in love with Tosha Go. As a Pleasure sim Carter really just wants dates or outings and is easy to please. His job in the Slacker field hasn't come up yet.

Little Eliza here brought Arianna Caliente home to play- she needs it, her moods are dire after school.  It kills me not getting them in private school but I decided that they'll only go if they roll it as a teen.

Carter's wish for new clothes took him to the local store where he found Don flirting with Rose Dai, in front of his pregnant lover Lucy Burb.

Looks like Lucy is mad with herself for allowing herself to swoon over Don. heh.

When Don left Carter went to offer Lucy some support and somehow ended up falling in love with her. Wow- they have 3 bolts!

He decided to ask her on a date and she happily accepted- but look, the klutzy waitress dropped food on them,

                                         not once, but twice in a row.

See? That's never happened before and it was that perhaps which made Lucy take off thus ending in only a 'great' date.

Brandi's LTW is to raise those 20 kitties/puppies unless you've forgotten, and so as she celebrated her elder birthday I counted that she had now raised 11. This ltw takes forever! heh.

Remington is still hopeful of another abduction, but also is working on his Science hobby plaque.

Different location, same waitress. Luckily on their next date there were no spillages.

There was a little photo booth action though... I blame Hormones! :)

                         Brandi finally reached out and became Captain Hero!

                                     and Remington is in the zone.

It's time for Eliza to be a teen and her half brother Carter threw her a party- it was quite a family affair with Beau and Dustin making an appearance too.

Eliza had a great party- even if she was too exhausted to stay up for it!

Remington makes friends with the newest puppy, Harriett. Yes they only had one this time.

So Brandi decided to adopt another puppy- she got Benny from the pound and is hopeful he and Harriett will hit it off as Abbey just became an Elder dog and Remy had her retire (it was his wish).

Carter threw another house party and when his guests arrived two of them started a fight, it was Andrea Hogan taking on Beau Bruenig! Beau won. :) I can't remember them falling out.
Carter's party (as usual) was a roof raiser and was stopped by the police for the lateness of the hour.

Eliza rolled Popularity and so is happy making friends and best friends. Her LTW is to be a Media Magnate.

She's also pretty handy in the garden and got a bronze gardening badge...

                         before sneaking out with Campbell Goth!

 Harriett grew up, she's much like her father in looks. Carter got her a job and everyone spends time training her.  Benny still has 2 days until he's an adult dog- can't wait to see what he looks like!

Brandi will probably retire and concentrate on the dogs when they start breeding. Until then she brings home Cassandra Goth nearly every shift.

The week ends on a party- but not Carter's. This time it was Brandi who rolled the wish.  Watch 'em Smustle! ;)


Brandi- got Top of Career, saw 11th puppy raised, 12th born. Daily wishes to talk hobby, play marco polo and swim (no pool-had to go to community lot), to go jogging, play pc, praise and command dogs.

Remington- Got his Science hobby plaque. Wishes to max logic, get fit, buy a green energy source, woohoo, be friends with and master of Harriett.

Carter- dates- he dated Lucy, twice. As they have 3 bolts I have decided to move him to Lucy's. But I'll wait until it's her house's turn and she can have him move in, thus not giving him an extra 20K. The Broke funds aren't high, so it should be fairly minimal.  Carter's wishes were for parties, to juggle, to slap dance and smustle and to meet someone new.
Carter got his job in the Slacker career- he's currently a Freelance Web Designer.

Eliza- Initial wishes to make a friend, talk hobby and tell inside jokes as well as skill. She now wants to meet someone new every day, make a friend and she had the wish to sneak out- so did. :)

The day Benny arrived Carter threw a party (where Beau and Andrea were fighting) and it was only sometime during it that I noticed he and Harriett playing together happily, so they should have a great relationship once Benny grows up.

A great week at the house- not for the puppy count like last round (with only 1 this week!) but hopefully that can be bettered next time!  


  1. Oh gosh I know what you mean about private school. Used to do it all the they don't go unless it spins up. Sounds like the puppy factory is slowing down. Hopefully Benny will shoot some new life into the puppy making program! Haha @ Lucy slapping Don around LOL Seems to happen to Don alot..

  2. Yay on the 3 bolts! That gal's gonna need help raising that baby! LOL! I really like your house. The yards especially look so real!

  3. The new house is pretty. Seems like a fun round. I'm sure if you are trying to breed the puppies needed it probably does take forever. Hope Benny can get going with Harriett soon and have more puppies. :)