Monday, 30 July 2012

Burb- Round 5- House 8

Welcome back to the Burbs, where in residence are,

John (elder)- initial wishes to woohoo, invite someone over, talk and entertain.
Jennifer (elder)- Talk about hobby, entertain, have party and get Gold flower arranging badge.
Lucy- (adult)- Make best friends with Pao, hustle pool, get skill and invite someone over.

Lucy had 3 bolts with Carter Broke and so she finally invited him to move in! She's pregnant with Don Lothario's baby after a brief fling but knows Carter is the man for her.

Later that day Lucy gave birth to Don's son, Donny.

She hired a babysitter and the rest of the family went back to 'Club H' to try and get Lucy her much needed 'top of business'... she needs to have 5 successful businesses to reach her LTW. (Way hard this one- like 20 puppies and kittens it should be worth so many more points/bonuses!).

Anyway, the family stayed at the business for 3 days getting it from it's initial rank 5 up to 8.  Lucy is the only one not in plat so they had to come back before she dropped dead. :D

Carter had got to the top of his career not long after moving in and so perma plat status for him along with reaching...

new heights when he filled his Lifetime Aspiration Panel.

Jennifer finally got Gold in gardening, as well as her Arts & Crafts plaque for getting ' in the zone'.  I set her to making Snapdragons ready for Lucy's 3rd business. Apart from wanting to make flowers she also likes to have parties, talk about and blog her hobby. She's easy to keep happy, if a little dull.

John is a happy Grandpa. His wishes revolve mainly around his hobby (Games), such that he likes to talk and blog about it, play the pc, play pinball and he loves pulling pranks on people.

He also helped Donny with his birthday and enjoyed teaching him toddler skills.

Lucy and Carter got married. Carter took the Burb name. They had a rockin' party.

                            and got a wedding night surprise not long after!

Jennifer maxed out her benefit panel too.

 A couple of uneventful days later (once heavily pregnant, Lucy refused to go to her community lot)... little Bradley was born and named in (sort of) honour of John's dad, Brad.

When Bradley became a toddler and made best friends with Lucy she reached her 'impossible want' of 30 best friends.

Then she and the other adults headed back to 'Club H' to try and get level 10.

Things were looking good when the reporter gave her a good review and the Best of the Best Award!

Maybe it was John leading the smustle with Nathan and Mary Gavigan but it worked, Lucy got level 10 and her 2nd business is in the bag.

Someone threw a party and used the opportunity to grow Donny up.

Looks like Donny has his Dad's personality- total slob but really outgoing and playful!

So Lucy sold 'Club H' and bought a new community lot. It's called Lucy's Cup of the World.

It's an Internet Cafe! 
Lucy hired a Barista and her and Carter are running this one without Jennifer and John this time.
In one day's session Lucy had got to rank 3.

We finish the week with an anniversary party for John and Jennifer giving us a twirl.


John and Jennifer- both like hobby related wishes, John also liking to play pranks. He had a wish for a garden plot and fruit tree this week and so far has got a Silver badge in Gardening. He also seems to enjoy entertaining for tips.  Jennifer enjoyed teaching her grandkids to talk and likes to play chess as well as throwing parties.

Lucy- I think Club H took me so long to max to level 10 because I had so few visitors initially, then I figured I could just call people up and invite them over which worked a treat, it flew through the ranks after that.
Lucy liked to meet someone new each day, make friends/best friends/bffs. She also constantly wants to have a good reputation which once is maxed is pretty easy to regain if it drops off a bit, and it's a good hit of about 5K points.
 She never really shows any interest in the business as far as wishes go, except to employ everyone she knows! lol.

Carter- Carter too likes a good reputation, he likes to play ball, win a gaming competition (which in a way helped me 'choose' an Internet cafe for Lucy), meet someone new, juggle, play pinball. He currently wants to max the Gaming hobby.

Donny- enjoys anything Art and Crafty, at the moment he's painting.
Bradley- usual toddler wishes.


  1. 3 bolts. I've only seen that once, and it was only temporary. Of course they had to shack up! I don't know what I'm doing wrong not to get that. I settle for 2 bolts. GREAT baby barf picture! I still haven't had the guts to do a business that's not home, so those successes are really impressive.

  2. Wow having hard time with Internet wifi connection at home, so trying this with my cell phone. Haha. Hard for me to picture Lucy with Don, let alone having his baby! That is so different from my Lucy! Glad to see Lucy got a boy from the hood to move in with her tho! The boys are cute!

  3. Awww....I am glad Carter moved in with Lucy. The boys are adorable and good job on the businesses. I never think about calling up friends to come to the business. I think I can use that for Hua-Ling's last business.