Friday, 6 July 2012

Caliente, Nina- Round 5- House 3a

Back in our resident Vampiress Caliente's home and Nina is wanting to have a sterling reputation, to invite Jordan over to play with and tell an inside joke to, and go for a swim.

Well, Jordan said she'd rather play Myshuno with a pack of Llama's! How rude. I guess Nina upset her one time when I was with another playable.

Nina settled for a swim in her backyard where she got some inheritance from Daniel Pleasant.

It looks like Don too is mad with Nina- he keeps stealing her paper. Really Don, pot, kettle?!

Nina settled for a date with Kennedy to finish the first day. She's now an All Star in the Athletic career, which if she reaches the top is her second lifetime want.

Nina bought this guy Xavier home from work and used her magical voodoo doll to 'romance' him. She then made up with Benjamin, who was also mad at her- what did she do while I was gone a week?!

Her house got burgled while she and Benjamin were otherwise engaged, but Officer Ramin finally won and kicked some burglar butt. (about time- only took him 5 rounds!).

Oh goodie, another Florid Font... heh, Nina has tons of these- time to sell a few. Hmm, I'm pretty sure Benjamin knocked the trash can over earlier, maybe someone else is mad with Nina- get in line people!

Nina went on an outing where she found Cyd Roseland quite attractive- and Mr Mickles does his job again...

Nina's career reward came in handy when she had a random wish for a skill.

On Wednesday Nina dated Abhijeet and during the date look what she rolled...!

ewww... hey she's only engaged to him, no wishes to wed. whew.
Because then.... and in no particular order...

          What? You didn't think she'd stay faithful to her fiance did you?! haha.

On Saturday Nina had a wish to ice-skate, and Don was there ever the hero when she fell over- one gaze and they were in love- again, and then...

I checked her memories and found this!  I knew she'd surpassed 30 lovers- she's had 32,but this round so many are mad with her I didn't expect to ever see this one! yay.

                         Also this capped off a good week for Nina!

Ha ha, and this! Well it had to happen at some point- she's been pretty lucky up 'til now! 
The question is- who's the daddy? 
Join me next time to find out! :)

Summary- yeah, love playing Nina- she's so fun.
She had wishes to meet someone new, date, skill, to get engaged to Abhijeet (and then Randy Zhang- the old guy she was in the hot tub with), but I thought one drama was enough to deal with. :) She had a wish to buy new clothes, to smustle and to classic dance- she spins that one a lot.

She's currently a Coach in the Athletic field.


  1. Hahah I bet she NEVER rolls get married. She is as much fun to play as Don is. I have never seen a romance sim that didn't have continual trash can incidents. Great round for Nina, she is wonderful!!!

  2. LOL...I love that she has morning sickness in a sexy get up. It's clear how she got that way, isn't it? She's a very busy girl... Good job maintaining vamp status. Looks hard!

    1. Actually being a Vamp is easy! Although I don't think it will be when the baby is born! She actually was in the middle of a date when she got out of bed to run and throw up... lol. That's soooo Nina!

  3. Ah Nina, her fun has finally caught up with her. Well she is a vampire now, and "young enough" for forever. lol Love it!