Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Dreamer- Round 5- House 5

The first thing that popped up on entering the Dreamer residence is this- so I  said yes!

           It's a cute little dog called Gumbo- who is an elder dog.
                                         In other wishes...

Darren wants Ripley to go to college (locked), to get fit, have a grandchild and entertain someone.

Dirk wants to meet someone new, invite someone over, learn how to make salmon, earn some cash, go swimming and then woohoo. Never a dull moment with Dirk!

Lilith wants to have a party, to apologize to Angela (haha- remember in one of the last rounds how they were fighting at the local store?), to use her voodoo doll, to entertain and talk to someone and then to (finally) max her hobby- how she hasn't done this yet is beyond me, she spends her life dancing.
Ripley wants to tell an inside joke to someone, sneak out with Samantha Goth, go to college and get fit.

Dirk reached the top of career and got a lifetime want fulfilled.

Lilith came home from work with a bit more than she bargained for! Looks like Darren will be getting another grandchild.

He loves little Lily of course, she just became a toddler.

All that planting and such was worth it for nature loving Darren when he got his gold badge.

                  That helped him fill his lifetime metre to the brim.

Ripley got fit and got abducted! As soon as she's got the rest of her scholarships she'll be off.

             Lilith welcomed a son Dean, and fulfilled Darren's wish.

                                         Little Gumbo is loved by all the family!

I added Ripley to the house I already play in Uni and added Sophie Miguel too- her and Ripley got instant girl crushes and started making out! I've no idea when this happened- but you have to go with it. :)

Darren decided to retire so he could spend more time with his grandkids.

                          With Dirk it's still the honeymoon phase!

                                               oh my life!

Did you know you can't get elder dogs jobs? No, me either. Oh well, Dirk has wishes to train Gumbo anyway.

and that led quickly to Dirk maxing his lifetime aspiration metre.

What Dreamer round isn't fun without several parties? Here Lilith threw a house party but used it to also grow Lily up.

                                           She's a cutie!

Lilith got her baby bump during the party, and the next day little Dean became a toddler.

Dirk loves to paint- here he is painting his beloved water bot!

                                 He loves it until it goes wrong!

                       Lilith went into labour on Sunday night!

 Dirk captured his wife and newborn daughter Lyka during a cuddle.

and Sunday ends with Dean becoming a child!


What a week!

Darren- Got Gold gardening, reached top of lifetime aspiration. Darren wanted those grandkids!  He loves his garden- wishes to plant seeds, fish, blog and talk about his hobby, to catch bugs/butterflies/fireflies. He also maxed cooking this week.

Dirk- He loves his woohoo! Also to blog about his hobby (tinkering), also now Arts and Crafts, to sell masterpieces, woohoo, play bass, earn money- oh, did I mention woohoo?!

Lilith- I can't believe she had 3 kids!  That would never have been in my plan, so thanks Risky! How funny that they are all lighter skinned- Lyka is very pale like Lilith. Lilith spent so much time having kids she still didn't get in the zone. She loves to party though and held several, as well as daily wishes to blog, talk hobby, smustle and slap dance.

Ripley- Ripley was only in the house a couple of days- she worked on skills for scholarships as well as wishing to get fit, buy clothes, make a friend and skill some more. 

Lily- as a child wanted to skill, be swung, praise and command the dogs (yes- we still have Jacques but I think I forgot to take pictures of him this week with the arrival of Gumbo!).

Next stop- the Pleasant's!


  1. Great shots! I especially always miss the badges. And that one of Lilith giving birth is awesome with the levitating husband. Love instant girl/girl action!

  2. Aww I love the Dreamers. Hi Gumbo! It seems like in my game everybody brings home a pet named Bailey. Ugh. hehehehe @ Sophie and Ripley! Dirk wants to woo hoo alot? He doesn't do that in my game~ LOL

  3. That Dirk is quite the lover in your neighborhood. :) Lilith sure did have a lot of kids this round, it's funny how Risky works sometimes. :)