Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Oldie/Hanby- Round 5- House 7

Lucy's wishes are to have a level 6 business, talk hobby, serve food and blog about cuisine.

Harry wants to go out with Eliza Broke, earn cash, go to college and earn a silver sales badge.

Alvin wishes to entertain Hans Goth and be his best friend forever, to earn a skill and to go to college.

Lucy has her boys wear matching Uniform to work for her, but I don't think they are taking it too seriously.

They knuckle down and help Lucy achieve 2 levels in 2 days.

Business will be much easier for Lucy now she's a Gold badge in Register!

The boys still want college and so skilling is a desire/must this week for scholarships- Alvin is a family sim but hasn't rolled away the desire- even though he's been off lot.

Lucy decided to invite Christy Stratton- her friend and employee, to move in. Christy accepted. She's a Family sim with a LTW to reach her Golden Anniversary. Her first wish was for new clothes.... shocker.

I don't think I saw a sim Whoop so much at the mirror before! Goodbye dull ol' togs!

The boys were soon Dazzling the customer's, it was hard to keep enough stock going sometimes!

Christy is the star re-stocker in the household. She soon earned Gold.

As the week drew to a close Lucy got up to rank 9. Almost there!

              She got awarded a second Best of the Best award! 

It's easier when the boys are home as one of them can always be making more desserts!

             Alvin wished for a date and so took Amaya to Club H.

He also wanted to Go Steady! eeks- don't know what Amaya will think of that!

Actually it won't matter as on Sunday night I sent both boys to College to join Hans Goth & Co at the house. :)


Lucy- all about the Business- get up in ranks, blog about cuisine, serve food. She wants parties too- but that will have to wait until she maxes the business.

Harry- go to college, paint, entertain, dance, get skills, earn cash and buy stuff- a typical Fortune sim.

Alvin- go to college, have date, get skill and get gold sales. A Fortune sim in disguise of Family. :)

Christy- now wants to fall in love!


  1. Hey love the 'Lucy's' apron the boys have on! Wow. Always interesting to see how others run a business. I have never done a bakery!

  2. Great job on the bakery! Did you design Club H? Looks fun! Ah, no more baggy sweatsuit. I'd whoop too!

    1. Yes I did design Club H... it's a fun place to hang. :)

  3. Love the bakery, makes me want to try one. I am HORRIBLE at businesses though. lol Christy is really very pretty with the make over. I like it a lot. :)

    1. I'm not great at Business either, but getting better. :)
      The bakery is very hard work! Thank goodness for energizers. :D
      Hoping that next time at Lucy's she can make level 10.