Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Pleasant- Round 5- House 6

In residence and initial wishes,

Mary-Sue (elder).- get a skill, play with Angela, blog hobby, make pottery.
Angela- (adult)- Adam grows up well, talk to Dirk, have a party, blog about hobby, serve food, make friend.
Alexander (adult)- Get Gold toymaking badge, blog arts and crafts, win a game, play and entertain someone.
Amaya- (child) To grow up well, be friends with Eliza Broke, be bff's with Mario and to play with someone.
Adam- (toddler)- get skill, be snuggled/played with/talked to.

So the first day passed with everyone keeping Mary-Sue happy- 'cos we knew the end was nigh,

and sure enough it was her last day. She lived to 73 days. Hopefully her life was happier than when she started. :)

She'd certainly improved her relationship with her twins and made lots of friends.

Alexander got his badge and started pumping out Waterwigglers!

Adam is tucking into Pippy the cat's food! Where is everyone?

Oh they were watching Amaya grow up. She rolled ROMANCE! (yeeks- this Pleasantview is full of them!). Her lifetime want is an easy achievable- Become a Professional Party Guest.

Adam grew up just after. He's got a bit of a Mary-Sue look about him. No Goth in there at all that I can see. Well, maybe the nose. :)

Angela threw a party and Amaya is drawn to Alvin Oldie-Hanby. 

While cousin Lucy Burb launches herself at Carter Broke! Yes Lucy- just one more house until you can be together! Sheesh!

 Nature lover Angela has daily wishes to go hiking, and often comes home having made a friend, but sometimes comes home with nettle rash- or killer bees!

                         Adam brought his cousin Lily home from school.

                        and Amaya enjoyed her first date with Alvin.

Pippy got a job and so Amaya wishes to train her in skills.

Angela got a bit cold after wanting to swim during the winter! What do you expect?!

Alexander is the new 'Daniel'... as soon as he hit Gold in Toys he wanted to make either pottery or sew stuff. So he's sewing stuff. ;)

Store clerk George is Amaya's 2nd date/love this week.

                 She also maxed a skill after wanting to play piano.

               Adam makes use of his Grandad's old career reward.

Amaya falls in love for the 3rd time this week with young Jeff here that she brought home from school.

Angela too had a wish to train Pippy- here she's learning to Sit up.

She ends the week being scared when her Mother's ghost comes out!


Angela- We said goodbye to her Mother but Angela was kept busy with her wishes- to skill, talk, have parties, blog, meet someone new and make friends as well as training Pippy.

Alexander- daily wishes to sew project, blog, talk hobby, earn cash- see Pippy get promoted. He now has a silver sewing badge.

Amaya- dates, to talk, swim, make bf, make bff, tickle someone, train Pippy. She has 3 loves.

Adam.- Make best friends with Lily (got this Sunday!), play marco polo, jump rope, talk to relative.

Pippy- this week learned to roll over, play dead, stay, sit up and shake!

Next up is the Oldie/Hanby Bakery!


  1. Woo! Great ghost shot! Amaya's certainly getting a jump on her aspiration, huh? I love blue sims...as long as they're not too blue...I lost a kid to a social worker that way. Hiking is hazardous! I don't have FT or BV so I assume that's where you do that.

  2. Buh-bye MarySue! Alright! Amaya, another fun loving Romance Sim!!! Wonder if she will be as much fun as Nina! Sew, sew, sew Alexander! It was a busy week with the Pleasants!

  3. The Pleasants had quite a week here. Bye to Mary-Sue, it certainly seems that she liked her life a lot. :) Amaya, yet another romancer. The differences between your Pleasantview and Wen's is pretty interesting. :)

  4. What eyeliner did you use for Angela?
    None, 1 or 2